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Lifetime Achievement Award

It was an amazing (and somewhat crazy) night. Every year we have a Summer Board Meeting, held at the (quite exclusive) Riverside Golf & Country Club.

Because of the current financial problems of the festival, Marilyn mistressmarilyn was referring to it as 'the Last Supper.' (smile)

At this meeting the 2008 President turns over his gavel (so to speak) to the next President. Various awards are presented (such as service awards to Board Members and Volunteer of the Year awards) and the most recent festival is reviewed (it's a dinner and celebration, but also still an actual MEETING).

I was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award as a festival volunteer, which was pretty exciting, I have to admit. It was also humbling to be praised and cheered by a room filled with the festival Board and Staff (and guests). I really never expected to have something like this happen to me.

Time to share some photos!

Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteerism, presented to Charlie
Here's the silver engraved mouse I was presented.
So appropriate for me!
I added the text so people can see what
the engraving reads (plus my name, of course!).

Marilyn, Jenny and Charlie
Marilyn, Jenny and me.
(This was also a 'goodbye' to Jenny,
who is taking a new job.)

Sister Sue and Charlie
Sister Sue and me.
Sue was delighted to be a guest
so she could see me get this award.

Sue, Charlie and Marilyn
Sue, Charlie and Marilyn.
(Don't we look nice?)

Versie and Charlie
Dear friend Versie and me.
Versie got a Service Award
(the poster she's holding).

After the event was over, a
large group of us went out for
drinks to say farewell to Jenny.
The following photo was taken there.

Leslie and Marilyn
Dear friend Leslie and Marilyn.
(Leslie was the 2007 festival President.)

I'd hoped for more photos (I took many), but the low lighting at the club meant that several turned out poorly.

We're going to miss Jenny -- but as I said, she's not going to the moon! I hope we'll stay close friends and keep in touch...

Anyway, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so I'm both humbled and proud to have been acknowledged. I got so many hugs and words of congratulations. It was fabulous!
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