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Work at the Office Today...

I went in to the festival office today. I've got tons that I need to do there that I can't do from home, so I really need to put in more hours there. Most of the work is IT-related, but some of the website stuff does require me to be in the office, too. (Mostly photo-related, as we keep our photos in big books that show the proofs and have CDs full of photos. They're a pain to work with, but it keeps us from trying to store the resource-hog images on the server!)

I didn't go in with Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who had to leave the house at 7:00 a.m. for her meeting, which wasn't at the festival office. It wouldn't have made sense for her to try to haul me in and then head to her meeting, so I got a ride to work from sister Sue.

Staff meeting was sort of sad, really. Jeff had left for IFEA, so he wasn't there. Jodi's gone now and Jessica had the day off. Mandy's on vaca. It was Marilyn (in charge, of course), Sara, Carol, Lilia (from the store), Christie, Peter, Amy, Madhu and me. Pretty quiet...

We talked about the news concerning the Vancouver fireworks show (4th of July at the Historic Reserve) being cancelled (Marilyn also talks about it HERE in her blog), which is a huge disappointment. The show in Vancouver is one of the largest fireworks displays west of the Mississippi and will be greatly missed. It's just across the river from Portland, and we can actually see some of the fireworks from our house. Sister Sue's home has a perfect view (she's on the river, so her deck is a great spot for watching), and she usually has a big party at her house.

In the special events world that we belong to, hearing about other events going under is sad. The Portland Jazz Festival is also ceasing operations. High gas prices and a bad economy have impacted everything -- and are especially rough on non-profits (like us!). Obviously we're not the only ones who are struggling right now...

Anyway, the meeting also focused on the upcoming Auction and tasks that need to be tackled. For me that meant updating the Auction web pages -- and doing an Email Blast (our eNewsletter) this week. I'm going to start coding it out tomorrow. I got the web stuff done today at the office, I'm happy to report!

In fact, I got a bunch of website work done today. I had to change some SSIs (yet again), which refers to Server Side Includes, for those who might not know. I was thinking back to a year ago when I didn't really even know what the hell SSIs were -- much less how to mess with them. What a difference a year makes!

I talked to Kent today (by phone), too. (Talking about the huge battery/power surge thing that went out on Labor Day and needs replacing.) And we really share mutual respect now. Again, what a difference a year makes...

On our 'lunch' break, Marilyn and I went to Lowe's and found the garbage disposal unit we want Earl to purchase tomorrow. While we were there, we decided to also check out carpet for downstairs. It looks like we're FINALLY going to get the new carpet we've wanted since we moved into this house back in 1994! (woo hoo)

We brought home a 'sample' page (huge thing covered with carpet color samples) so we could decide on the color, which we both seem set on. So maybe in the next couple of weeks (???) we'll have that done!

Earl is a friend of sister Sue and Candy (they met him playing games online) who is such a nice guy. He's been doing some work for Sue's son Larry, and now we want him to do some things around here. We need him to do drywall -- and we might have him paint the downstairs, too. (That's another thing we've wanted done for years.)

Doing this will be more than decorative, as we're both convinced the old carpet is full of mold -- and we have allergies, so it's rough on us. We think this will help us to be healthier, which is a very good thing! Plus, it will look nice, too. (smile)

We've got a lot of work to do to prepare, but we're excited about everything. It's all good!

Well, I'd better head to bed. Earl's coming over tomorrow morning. He'll go buy that unit and come back to install it. I'll need to clean out under the sink and get stuff ready for him.

Then I need to work HARD on the eNewsletter coding!

So, it's going to be a very busy day.

I appear to be running a temperature. I think I might have some dental thing going on. I broke a tooth during the festival and never got in to see my dentist. So I need to try and do that (in all the vast amounts of spare time I have), clearly. (sigh)

I also need to get cat Henry into the vet. He's long overdue, plus he's got something wrong with his nose, poor baby. Wow, there's always so much to do...

I almost forgot to mention! We find out about the Pinnacle Awards for 2008 tomorrow!!! (I have my fingers crossed for many wins!)

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