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WWII Memorial Dedication! New Contacts and Miscellany

I've cried several times now watching this moving tribute to World War II...

I've thought about Daddy (deceased in 1998) and how when we were sitting together painting in the front room of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn and my first home, he finally told me some things about being in the war that he'd never shared with anyone since coming back from it... (We're talking 1990, here, too...)

It's playing in the background on CNN even as I type this...

Very, very moving. And the actual Memorial looks so beautiful. (Tom Hanks did a lovely job of describing it, too.)

(Can someone please teach our President to pronounce words correctly? It's so annoying...)

I've been fascinated by WWII my entire life and have read and researched about it forever, I guess. I'm still struck by the things that come out even now that are news to all of us... (The genuine threats against the Pacific Northwest, for example. Reminding me how my grandparents on Mom's side were so appalled to have her living here in Oregon during the war for exactly that reason, believe it or not!)

Mom was so young when she and Dad married. My sister Sue was born while Dad was away at war.

When Sue and I cleared out Mom and Dad's house after Mom's death, I found a letter Dad wrote to Sue while away at war. It was exactly the type of letter you'd imagine--and probably find corny now. I doubt either Mom or Dad would have recalled it, actually. (I remember finding some of their love letters when I was still a teen and trying to prompt them to tell me aspects that the letters revealed. Such as where they first went on dates and what were the first gifts they exchanged. I was stunned at the time to discover they didn't remember any of what I'd read...)

I know Dad would probably have made jokes about this, the way he did about most things. He would most likely not have shed a tear. He kept things inside and I only saw him cry a few times in my life...

I remember how I used to ask Mom about things that had happened 'on the home front' and discovering she didn't know a lot of the things I'd read and researched! I was appalled at the time. LOL. I recall saying something like, "But you lived through it! How can you not remember?"

But don't ask me the details of the Vietnam War! (And it was televised!!!) I know some of it, of course. But the details are a blur to me...

I'm so ready to 'study war no more,' personally.

Well, enough reflections for now, I suppose. I've been doing some computer maintenance, as there are a slew of new viruses out currently! (I talked to Donn, my computer tech yesterday, and he shared several horror stories. LOL.)

Fortunately I already use the three softwares he most recommends! (In fact, I know for a fact I've been using the anti-virus software longer than he has, as he used to recommend a different one back when I first started to use the one I do.)

Yes, I've done my manicure and pedicure and my hair is colored. I need to do a few more personal grooming things, but I'm feeling ready to face another Rose Festival--which starts next week and runs through the month of June!

Oh! I did get my mono-vision contacts yesterday, by the way! Dr. Elliott (whom I love) was available this time to see me (unlike last year). He used to be down on mono-vision, but he now not only favors it, but uses it himself!

I got disposable contacts (first time) and the entire cost yesterday was just under $114.00, total! (That includes purchasing my contacts for one full year. I have a club plan thing that makes my exams free and brings the price way down on the contacts! Even cheaper than the prices at Costco.)

It's very exciting using the mono-vision contacts! I feel as I did the first time I ever used my very first pair of contacts--like I can see so much better than before! It's very, very exciting.

I need to go water the lawn!


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