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June's Bday and Tom Drops By...

It's been a busy, social day at our house!

Sister Sue came over, and Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Sue and I went to Starbucks. (I had strawberry blended lemonade, with the thick 'blending' lemonade.)

U.S. Open Tennis is being screwed by the weather. I feel sorry for the organizers. We know what it's like to be event planners and have the weather ruin our plans, after all...

Marilyn and I stayed up all night long last night, something we to do while on vaca. (I recall going to bed around 5:00 a.m. or so -- and not getting up until around 11:00! Shocking, huh?)

Tom came by to see us and bring all sorts of goodies! (McDonald's gift cards and chips -- plus some jump drives for me.) It's always GREAT to have Tom over. And he got to see what we did with the rocks from our Road Trip (yes, the one from Friday before last) and hang out a bit.

Today is my friend June's birthday, so we convinced her and her husband Jim to come over to sit out on the deck. (It was the first time Tom and Jim had met, which was nice.) They came just before 4:00 p.m. -- and Tom had to take off just past 4:00, unfortunately. But at least he got to hang out with everyone for a bit, which is a good thing (and makes me happy). Tom's pretty busy at work right now, poor guy...

After Tom left, June opened her card and gifts. We got her one of those Hallmark musical cards (we love them), and gave her some $$$ to get herself a pedicure (or whatever). We also gave her several smaller presents, that she seemed to really like. We had beers on the deck (Tom declined, as he was working tonight -- and Marilyn skipped it in favor of pop) and ate some of Tom's chips. It was nice enjoying the company and the lovely, sunny day! (A bit windy, but no complaints, believe me.)

Later we went over to June and Jim's house (which is right next door), to have birthday cake (Jim got her a carrot cake) and coffee. We sat out in their lovely yard and Marilyn played catch with those round paddle velcro things (round paddle straps to your hand and the ball 'sticks' to the surface) -- first with June and then with Jim.

After we got home we 'ran for the border' and got Taco Bell. Now that we've had our late dinner, we're going to catch a nap!

We still want to get together with Jodi and Rich (hopefully soon). Summer is a great time for seeing friends...

More soon. I'm almost ready (finally!!!) to share all about our Road Trip (which will be a long entry). I've been working on it, so hopefully I've have it posted in the next day or so. (About time!)

(I did show the photos to Tom while he was here.)

Sleeeeeeepy. I need to round up the cats and have them nap with me, pronto! (grin)

Oh! And Marilyn's really (really, really) helping out with moderating at l_j_for_dummies, which is very cool. I'm glad she's so into LJ right now. I love it that she's blogging and writing and sharing fanfic and so on...
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