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Poem: Your Special Angel

For years I carried around this poem, cut from the newspaper. It has been a comfort to me and many others, when a beloved cat has died... (In light of my friend Jessica's pb_n_jam recent loss of her cat, Elmo, I'm sharing it here.)

I'm sorry to say I don't know who the author of this poem is. I also appear to have lost the original newspaper version, I'm afraid... (I apologize if I've share this before, but I couldn't locate it in either my tags or memories...)

Personally, I've found this a wonderful thing to read during the loss of many sweet kitties over the years. I hope others might discover the same. (hugs)


Death is beautiful...
At least it is for me.
But I see you crying for me and
I want to touch your
  face with my soft paw
And tell you that I am still with you.
You just can't see me now;
Or feel my touch
Or hear my purr.
I can run and jump as a kitten
Before my body was in pain
Hurting from the ravages of time.
How good it feels to
  be in this new world
Where there is no disease,
  no cruelty, no hurt.
But my heart aches for you.
I long to tell you that I am free;
I long for your caress.
One day we will be together again
United for all eternity.
Until then, talk to me with your soul
I will always be with you
As your own special angel.

Tags: 2008, cats, death, jessica, loss-and-love, poem-cat, september-2008

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