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The LiveJournal ScrapBook (photo gallery) Is Down -- Again (sigh)

(As an aside, Marilyn mistressmarilyn has a bug, I'm afraid. I think it's a touch of the flu. Not horribly sick, but still sick, poor thing...)

So, I'd hoped to post about our FABULOUS Road Trip we took on Friday (August 29) -- and share literally TONS of photos. But unfortunately, the LiveJournal Scrapbook (photo galleries) are DOWN AGAIN.

Yes, again.

I'm not sure why that happens constantly, but it's very, very annoying. Marilyn has speculated that the feature should be PAID, which might improve it. I find it interesting that I never seem to see anyone bitching about it (besides ME, of course). It's just the most convenient way to share images here, rather than needing to FTP to our domain. (heavy sigh)

Well, with any luck I'll be able to post about it tomorrow, anyway.

In other NEWS...

I recently neglected to mention that one of our favorite restaurants -- the Vista Sea Cafe -- is for sale!!! (No website to link, I'm afraid. I wonder if it's part of their problem...?)

Vista Sea Cafe - Seaside - for Sale 2008

Vista Sea Cafe - Seaside - for Sale 2008

This made us very sad... (boo hoo)

Sister Sue went to Tacoma (Washington) for a cribbage tournament this weekend. I guess she won a little and got some $$$ (I haven't talked to her directly yet).

It's rainy here. The weather decidedly feels like autumn (oh no!!!). I am NOT ready for fall. I want more SUMMER. I suppose after this point, I'll have to refer to any nice weather as 'Indian Summer'... (sigh)

Well, September is here, after all. But we had to suffer a long and COLD spring here in Portland, so we want to hold on to our summer for as long as we can.

We've had three batches of fried green tomatoes (plus fried red tomatoes and fried zucchini) so far -- with hopefully more to come! We need to go pick some more (tomorrow?). Bad weather is NOT good for any of these veggies that are still in the fields, so I'm certainly hopeful it will clear up pronto!

I made fried dill pickles recently -- and they were YUMMY! And really (really, really) EASY, too. Delish (as we say around here). I'll have to make more soon.

Tom got us Corn Nuts (!!!), which we're still totally hung up on. Go, TOM!

On the sad news side, Jessica had to have her cat Elmo put down on Saturday. It's a bit ironic that it was THREE YEARS AGO (in 2005) on the very same day that we had to have April put to sleep. It's so hard to deal with. Poor Jess.
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