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People Are Amazing...

People are amazing. They're strong. They're good.

I just got off the phone with Jodi. We chatted and we laughed. She told me she felt 'at peace' during the meeting when she was laid off today. At peace. Amazing.

Jodi told me about her prayers this morning. She's a true believer who feels the Lord has never steered her wrong yet. (It reminded me of how last year Kristen said, "My God has other plans for me.")

She talked about all she's learned at the festival. She had to go to class tonight and give her PowerPoint presentation and it sounds like it went great. I'm so impressed that she could face class after losing her job...

I spoke to Jessica earlier and she was calm and collected, too. Hell, I was the one blubbering! I cried after I got off the phone with Jodi, too. I'm in such denial. And Jodi talked about feeling sorry for Jeff!

I also spoke by phone to Jeff. He had a terrible day. It sucks to have to lay people off and he really hates doing it.

All these VERY GOOD PEOPLE are ready to make lemonade out of these lemons.

By the way, I was the one who broke the news to Rich. I'd assumed he already knew from Jodi -- but she'd had her class and he hadn't seen her yet (and as he's out of the office now, he had no other way to know). Rich and Jodi just recently moved into a house together as roommates, so it was a blow to him, too...

I told Jodi that I'm selfish -- that I'll miss them and can't imagine the festival without them. She laughed and told me she loved me.

No matter what happens with work, these are friends who are part of our extended family. Jodi said we weren't getting rid of her -- we were 'stuck' with her. I'm certainly glad to hear that.

Tom, too, was comforting when I talked to him by phone. I tried not to cry, but couldn't help it.

(Shades of last year, when I was also crying over people who had been laid off...)

I don't know what the future will bring, but this is so hard. So very hard.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have to go down to the office so that after midnight I can put in the Friday backup tape. Then we need to get home and get some sleep before our Road Trip with Tom (and maybe Jessica?) tomorrow.

We might get together with Rich to play tennis over the weekend (weather allowing). And Jodi is going to drop by the house either Sunday or Monday. Everything will be fine, I'm sure. And I know good things will happen for my friends.

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