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More Festival Layoffs... (sigh)

In 2007, we had four layoffs at the festival during the summer (in July).

Here we are, a little over a year later, and we've got three more layoffs.

I've been crying and felt just sick about it. We've known for ages that layoffs were going to happen, but nobody has known who it would be.

Anyway, today Jessica, Jodi and another woman were laid off.

I feel so bad for them. I know they'll be fine, but it's so hard to face it.

I have a hunch this is only the first round of layoffs, to tell the truth. I've already speculated that the smart thing would be to let people go at the end of this fiscal year (after the auction). And I don't think there's any reason to believe this will be the last layoffs.

Unfortunately, the festival is in serious financial trouble right now.

But the GOOD news is that Mayor-Elect Sam Adams is going to help out the festival.

That doesn't make the Staff changes any easier, though. And Jessica and Jodi are friends as well as co-workers, which makes it even harder. (sigh)

I haven't talked to Jodi yet, but Jessica was so calm and so collected when I spoke to her. I was the one crying during our phone conversation.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I decided to invite Jess to join our Road Trip tomorrow. Naturally Tom was totally cool with it. (Good old Tom! What a guy.) Jessica is thinking it over. I think it'll depend on what happens when she talks to Doug about his plans for tomorrow.

We need to go to the office tonight, after midnight, so I can take care of the backup tape for Friday. Normally Jodi would do that -- or Jessica would be the backup if Jodi wasn't able to do it. So I need to take care of it, as it's my responsibility (if not normally my actual job).

In grooming news, I got my hair cut today (thankfully). My last hair cut was May 15! (Yes, that's something like 14 weeks ago! Yikes!) I went back to Lombard Hair Design, where I used to go for years (and years). I had Carina (who is new -- she's been there around a month) do my cut. The total cost (with tip) was only $15. Not bad, huh? I sure needed it, anyway...

Marilyn and I are also going to go and tan tonight, too. It should be relaxing for me. Though doing a Mystic Tan is certainly NOT a relaxing thing for anyone -- sorry Marilyn! But she loves getting a tan, and for her the Mystic is her only option.

I maybe should pick out what I'm going to WEAR for tomorrow. But I prefer to wait until the last possible moment in time. (grin) What's that about???

Marilyn's sweet boy Henry (Tudor Cat) is currently in my lap, very demanding of my attention. I guess I'd better give him some before we head out for our tanning apointment (it's at 9:00, so we have to leave by 8:30 p.m. to get there).

Rafa's match was a good one. He played Ryler De Heart (of the U.S.A.), who was very game! He and his finance seemed like cool people...

Regardless, I was pleased to see Nadal win in three: 6-1, 6-2, 6-4
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