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Work (Play), Work (Play)... (smile)

I had to work on Monday, which had not been planned at all.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn took me in after Rafa's match was over -- then she went to Sauvie Island with sister Sue to pick green tomatoes.

We had an emergencyCollapse )

We BOTH worked today -- but we'd known all along that we were going to need to.

The great news...Collapse )

Tom came by the office today!!! He brought us Starbucks (we were both out, so we were excited to get it!!!) and he and I went to lunch, which was very nice. He also donated $20 to one of the local organizations that runs posters of missing children when a woman hit him up, reminding me why I love this guy. He's incredibly generous.

Speaking of generous...Collapse )

On the bad news side...Collapse )

I didn't get very much done today at the office, although I tackled several projects. But it was fun 'goofing off' with Tom! So what the hell.

I recently finished a book I liked and have now started another (and am half way through it). I've been playing a TON of Zuma, too. So in spite of work, I've been playing and enjoying my vacation. (grin)

It's now 4:30 a.m. (time flies and all that), so I should go to bed.

We've planned our ROAD TRIP with Tom for Friday (rather than tomorrow), based on the fact that Rafa Nadal will be playing his second round at the U.S. Open tomorrow, which is a 'must see.' More about that soon!

I still have more photos to share (as usual), too...

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