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Work (Play), Work (Play)... (smile)

I had to work on Monday, which had not been planned at all.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn took me in after Rafa's match was over -- then she went to Sauvie Island with sister Sue to pick green tomatoes.

We had an emergency situation at the office. Madhu's computer apparently got a virus. Madhu is our Staff Account, so we were talking about payroll, which needed to be run on Wednesday. (Anything about payroll is essential, so I couldn't put off going in...)

I went in to assess the situation and see if I could 'fix' it. She could log in, but she had desktop (and wallpaper) with no Task bar and no icons. Right-clicking didn't bring up anything, either.

I could warm boot (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) into the Task Manager, which does give you access to enough stuff to check things out. I tried doing a System Restore (which you actually CAN access with Start, though it's not that damn easy to locate), but no go. I finally realized the cmd.exe file was corrupt, so that meant a reformat of the hard drive and reinstall of the OS. (sigh)

Anyway, rather than face THAT, I told Kent I'd give him another in-house computer that he could install our two accounting software on. I also had him install the payroll software on Sara's computer, so in the future we'd have a backup -- in case of a similar emergency. (I was kicking myself that I hadn't thought of that before, considering that we'd been through a hassle like this back when we swapped out the old computer for the new one. Better late than never, I guess!)

I was frustrated that I couldn't 'fix' the problem without calling in Kent, but glad that I was able to get things set up to make the job easier for him.

We BOTH worked today -- but we'd known all along that we were going to need to.

The GREAT NEWS is that Portland Mayor-Elect Sam Adams came through for the festival during the meeting with Marilyn and Jeff today. I have to say that I really LOVE that man -- and I'm so glad that Marilyn ended up being one of his staunch supporters. I can't even say how much he clearly values her support. And I'm positive their relationship has made a ton of difference for the festival these last two years.

Tom came by the office today!!! He brought us Starbucks (we were both out, so we were excited to get it!!!) and he and I went to lunch, which was very nice. He also donated $20 to one of the local organizations that runs posters of missing children when a woman hit him up, reminding me why I love this guy. He's incredibly generous.

Speaking of generous, Marilyn spent a lot $$$ (and charged our expensive meal) when we went to the beach on Saturday. She's seriously generous to a fault -- and far beyond her means. She plans to give Sam Adams another donation on his upcoming bday (we've been invited to his party), even though we're currently counting pennies a bit until payday (!!!). I'm proud of my sister, and I make no bones about it. She's the most amazing person I know, and I'm never going to feel the least bit bad about saying so.

On the bad news side, sister Sue apparently had an awful day today. She's got major dental issues going on (!!!) and lost her keys while visiting a friend and had to get a ride home from her daughter. I think there were some other bad things, too. She was crying on the phone with Marilyn and we both felt bad...

I didn't get very much done today at the office, although I tackled several projects. But it was fun 'goofing off' with Tom! So what the hell.

I recently finished a book I liked and have now started another (and am half way through it). I've been playing a TON of Zuma, too. So in spite of work, I've been playing and enjoying my vacation. (grin)

It's now 4:30 a.m. (time flies and all that), so I should go to bed.

We've planned our ROAD TRIP with Tom for Friday (rather than tomorrow), based on the fact that Rafa Nadal will be playing his second round at the U.S. Open tomorrow, which is a 'must see.' More about that soon!

I still have more photos to share (as usual), too...

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