CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

2009 Hood to Coast

This weekend was the annual Hood to Coast Relay, known as both the Largest Running Relay Race in the World, and The Mother of All Relays. It stretches 197 miles from near the top of Oregon's majestic Mt. Hood down to the beautiful Pacific Ocean beach of Seaside, Oregon.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue and I have been down to Seaside before to cheer the runners as they head for the Finish line, and we decided it would be fun to do it again this year.

We invited Mitch along, so we could also celebrate his birthday (which was actually August 20). So we all packed into Sue's car and drove down!

I think the best way to share the excitement is to show some of the photos we took...

2008 Hood to Coast
A runner dashes by where we're standing,
heading to the finish line!

2008 Hood to Coast
Sue glances down to see the runners heading our way.

2008 Hood to Coast
Marilyn and Sue cheer a runner as he goes by.

2008 Hood to Coast
There are people everywhere!
Tens of thousands when you add everyone up.

2008 Hood to Coast
The infrastructure is pretty amazing,
and includes fencing, towers, tents
and banners (along with sponsor signage).

2008 Hood to Coast
This is a very organized event.

2008 Hood to Coast
It's impossible to show the full scope of the
Finish area infrastructure, even with multiple photos.
It stretches over a large portion of the beach
at Seaside, Oregon.

2008 Hood to Coast
There's the finish line!!!
(It's the black banner hung between
the two towers.)

2008 Hood to Coast
Here's a close up of the medal for 2008.

2008 Hood to Coast
There are support vans everywhere!
(I wish I'd gotten more shots,
as some of these are really cleverly decorated!)

I'll share more about our trip soon (tomorrow?), including some more photos!

After Seaside and the relay, we headed to Cannon Beach to the Wayfarer Restaurant, for a really lovely meal!

Then we went to the Cannon Beach public tennis courts to play some tennis. Afterwards we went to Osburn's Ice Creamery (great ice cream!) and ended our trip at Tolovana Beach (State Recreation Site), where we all walked on the beach before finally driving home...

Today (Sunday) was a gray and rainy day (ugh). Marilyn and I did nothing much, though we did catch up on our sleep. Sister Sue came over to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics with us, though she left before they were over...

Anyway, it's time for bed!
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