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Done for Another Week... (smile)

The garbage and recycling is officially DONE for this week, thankfully. It actually went pretty smoothly and quickly, considering the nasty weather...

...which will always make me smile and think of Dad! He and I joked about it so many times, how it would always rain on garbage night.

Quick News

It's official! I've gone over 5,500 comments made! Cool, huh?
Comments, Aug 2008

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had to correct me about her working next week (during her vaca). The actual day is Wednesday, so I went back and changed it. (I originally had it as Thursday.)

The weather was supposed to be nice again by tomorrow, but now that looks iffy. It's currently raining hard, but it's a misty rain. Still, I had to go out again and got quite wet doing so! (ugh) I hope it's still nice this coming weekend!

Time for bed, so that's all for now...
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