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More Rain and Humidity

We had another rainy day, with a lot of humidity. (ugh)

Well, at least we're not facing Fay. I hardly feel right complaining.

Anyway, the weather prompted me to make a new rain icon that I titled 'summer rain.'

Charlie's "Summer Rain" icon

I think it turned out nicely (and love the little circular splashes on the pathway). While it's clearly wet and misty, the green trees show that summer is with us in this icon, in spite of the rain... (I guess it would work for spring, too... smile...)

Pretty, yes? (And fun to make.)

Actually, I've been wanting to make some more rain icons, as they seem to be popular -- even with people who don't much care for rain! After all, like it or not, people are going to face rainy days.

In Other NEWS...

Today is our friend Mitch's birthday. We'd hoped to go out to dinner with him to celebrate, but had to postpone until the weekend... (I do have a few small gifts for him, like a tennis keychain. Nothing all that much, but something to show we thought of him on his day.) The weather this weekend is supposed to be nice again, so perhaps we can play tennis (and maybe still do something else, like go to dinner or see a movie).

Jeff won't be back to work tomorrow, after all. He has some family issues to address, so he won't be back from his vaca until Friday. That means Marilyn will lead the 7:30 meeting tomorrow morning alone. And she and Jeff will only have one day in the office together before she goes on vacation next week. (Her annual U.S. Open two weeks that she takes every year.)

Hopefully Marilyn will only have to work Wednesday of next week (which is essential), but who knows? It could turn into more days, considering... (I get it, I do. I don't know that others at the office do, frankly! But I get it. This is no time to worry about putting in time, vaca or no.)

Sister Sue does her mediation for the City of Eugene tomorrow. She's spent several days (I think she said four total -- two eight hour and two ten hour) in preparation. She's leaving the house at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow to be there on time.

I used Excel 2003 to help her create her invoice/bill for this job. It seems like every time I use Excel I learn something new, by the way. Today I inserted a custom image that had a business logo, plus Sue's contact info, into the header -- along with a text title.

Those interested can view a small gack of it here:
Excel invoice

The top (green) portion of the Excel spreadsheet is the image I mentioned above (that contains logo, name, address and phone numbers). I used a DOVE logo for two reasons: Because Sue has always loved them (and used one before in her career), and because a dove is a good symbol for someone doing mediation. You can see the title, the box with the cost breakdown and total, a box below with the submission info, and finally another box that repeats Sue's contact info. (We discovered that the header doesn't display AT ALL in Excel 2000 -- which is what we have at the festival office -- so I thought I'd repeat it, just in case.)

Anyway, doing this for Sue gives me another chance to hone my Excel skills, which can use the improvement. I'm getting better at it. Now if I only were good using Word!

It's Wednesday, so I need to tackle the garbage and recycling at some point. I can't believe I haven't even started it today! Oh well. What's new? (grin) At least there's less stuff this week. (Last week we had tons, with all those people here.)

Time for a much-needed nap, I think... I should share about what I did make for dinner later on. It turned out rather decent.
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