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Stormy Weather...

It's currently 63° and stormy as all get out. It's been raining and gray most of the day, often really pouring. (And windy, too!)

Yesterday's high was 71° -- and the rain in the middle of the night woke me. Tomorrow is supposed to have highs in the 70's with more rain. Thursday should have highs in the mid-70's, with Friday mostly sunny (and maybe back to 80°).

At least the weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny again!

I mean, come on! It's summer and the middle of August. Where did our summery weather go to? Yeah, yeah, it's Portland -- and we're used to rain. But even we don't normally get storms like this during August! You should hear the wind gusting outside right now. (ugh)

The cats are displaying all the signs of Autumn Feline Syndrome (I made that up some time back, for the record). For those are astute cat and owners, you'll have noticed what I'm referring to -- which I've had countless people confirm over the years. Anyway, all cats seem to display a really major change in behavior during the autumn months! They become way more affectionate and 'needy.' There are other changes, too, but suddenly being faced with an over-the-top-affectionate-and-needy kitty is the most interesting thing, let me tell you. (I need to post more about this 'syndrome' one of these days, I guess... heh...)

Anyway, the cat behavior was a clear sign to me that this weather smacks of fall, rather than summer. (sigh)

Or, as Marilyn mistressmarilyn jokingly put it, "It's like parade day, only warmer." (I laughed at that, but it's really no laughing matter around here...)

I did clean today, but it was pretty much half-assed, at best. The living room looks nice. The kitchen and my bathroom are okay. I could stand to do some serious mopping (and need to tackle the downstairs), but it's fine. I wasn't really up for cleaning, but Amanda came to give Marilyn a massage this evening, so it spurred me to pick up the mess from the weekend, anyway.

I just had to go out on the wet front porch and replace the porch light, standing on a stool while the rain and wind whipped around me!

That sucked. But I don't like the front of the house to ever be dark. (We basically run our porch light 24/7.)

It's past midnight and I didn't get all that much sleep last night, so I suppose I should head to bed.

By the way, the humidity right now is 94% (!!!). It's been bad recently, and driving me way more crazy than the heat ever has. (yikes) Hopefully things will be better weather-wise tomorrow. At least I'm not dealing with a hurricane, like some of my LiveJournal Friends! So what am I complaining about? (smile)

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