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LJ-Cut is YOUR Friend...

I know, I know. I shouldn't let it BOTHER ME so much. (smile) But cut me some slack -- I haven't whined about this in my blog for ages!

But, yeah, I continue (all these years later) to get annoyed when other LiveJournal users forget to use LJ-CUT


So, anyway, I made this new icon:
Don't break my view!

If you, too, are annoyed (bothered, vexed, whatever) by instances where the lj-cut tag should be used and isn't, feel free to gack this icon and spread the word. (grin)

Thinking back, I recall years ago here when people were putting banners all over the place to encourage the use of the lj-cut tag -- but I haven't seen any of those recently...

Sometimes people just need to be REMINDED, I think. (And, honestly, I do try to be polite when I mention it!) The worst things are (of course) images -- especially really big ones. And long links are a pain, too.

And then for people like me (smile), putting lines of code outside the cut can really break things.

Look, we all do it (including me). But it's simply polite to try not to do it too often.


Tags: 2008, august-2008, livejournal-related, lj-cut-tag

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