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Personal Maintenance...

We got (much needed) manicures and pedicures today...

I know most women act like pedicures are fun and relaxing, but Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I agree that it's just part of the sheer torture that's both manicures and pedicures. (sigh)

This is why we both tend to STALL getting them done, even though we don't go that often to begin with. (smile)

I know lots of women who have manicures every two to three weeks. But not us! We generally go every five weeks -- or even longer. I just counted, and it's been over eight weeks since we last went. Eight. Weeks. (whew)

It's one of our important 'grooming' things. That, and tanning, of course! We need to go and tan again, too -- but we'll wait now until after Marilyn's massage. Amanda is coming to the house tomorrow night, thankfully. I think of this as more like physical therapy for Marilyn, considering her issues with her shoulder (and neck). She canceled the last appointment, so she really needs this. So we should probably go tan Wednesday night -- but I doubt we will. Mitch's birthday is Wednesday, so we're thinking about taking him out for dinner...

 In Other News . . .

After our manicures/pedicures today, we met Sister Sue at Starbucks. She had a bunch of keepsakes she 'cleaned out' that she wanted to give us. Some great stuff! Plus she had a few leftover souvenir things from her trip to Ireland and some post-it notes -- so she gave those to us, too. And raspberries!

While there we ran into a friend from work (Marilyn's and mine) and then Sue ran into a friend from cribbage. Small world, isn't it? (We gave Sue's friend a ride over to catch MAX. He's down on his luck and having a time making ends meet. Hard days, no doubt about it...)

While there, Tom phoned me, so I got to talk to him. The work on his veranda is going really well! He's now going to have the guy do other work for him.

That got us to talking about work WE need done around the house. Sue suggested Earl (who we also know as Rock), and we're both all over the idea. We like Earl, he needs the work -- and we need the work done. So Sue's going to ask him if he can do carpets. (We've needed to tear out the old carpet downstairs and replace it since we moved in here.) And we know he can do plumbing, so we'll have him install a new garbage disposal -- it's never worked since we lived here, and Tom says it's now RUSTING (which means it could rust through and end up flooding under our sink!!!). There's other stuff we might need to do, too -- I suppose it partly depends on what all we can afford to have done.

I've been having some fun playing around with LiveJournal layouts. I still don't use Advanced Customization, but you can do a TON with CSS. Combined with my web graphics, I can make things look rather cool. It's very fun to do! (smile)

Well,it's going on 2 a.m., so we need to head to bed. (Marilyn's already there...) I have a lot to do tomorrow, so I'd better hurry!
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