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Harry Potter Movie Release Pushed Way Back (WTF?)

Wow. Sorry to hear that the greedy Warner Bros. studio execs feel they need more $$$ from a summer release and have pushed the movie back from November 2008 to July 2009 -- and I quote:

Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc, said it had decided to make the change to bolster its release schedule for the lucrative summer moviegoing season -- a period that can account for as much as 40 percent of Hollywood's annual box office receipts.

Warner Bros. President Alan Horn said the studio was also still feeling repercussions from the three-month Hollywood screenwriters strike that ended in February but has "impacted the readiness of scripts for other films."

"We know the summer season is an ideal window for a family ... release, as proven by the success of our last Harry Potter film, which is the second-highest grossing film in the franchise, behind only the first installment," Horn said.

(You can read the full article HERE.)

I've been reading some reactions where people seem to feel this will somehow improve the quality of the movie -- but I simply don't see how. If the thing is already done (which it appears to be), then all we're talking about is timing the release to potentially make more $$$ for Warner Bros.

Or am I missing something?

The trailers have already been out, so personally I've assumed the movie is ready to go. And nothing that's being said seems to reflect differently...

By the way, there's no proof that the movie will do better with a July release -- is there? Haven't all the Harry Potter movies done well when released? I guess it's all about those first day (and first weekend) numbers now for movies. And defining a success by whether it breaks records.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm not disappointed by the additional wait time, because I am.

But after all, Warner Bros. has said:

The studio said the change of date would not alter production plans for the final, two-part Potter movie adventure, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." The release date for part one is tentatively set for November 2010.

And we should believe them WHY?

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