CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Pedicure. Much Needed.

Last night I did a manicure at around midnight. Now I just finished the second half of a much needed pedicure. (In case I want to be wearing sandals around the PRFA office--or during events--I really needed this! And for those times I'm running around the office barefoot! LOL.)

I did a shade called 'Golden Cinnabar' (one of the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms set). Pretty. I like to do gold or copper shades on my toenails as I've noticed it doesn't show up as much when they start to get slightly crummy. ROFL.

This is actually a darker shade than I usually wear, but it will do...

So, has anyone happened to notice my icons (userpics) lately? If you're interested, you can view all of them here...

I've still got quite a few that need 'tweaking' or replacing, but I've also got some I really like!

Including a couple of Marilyn mistressmarilyn from last year's GFP (Grand Floral Parade). And one of both of us riding with last year's Queen in our 'royal boat ride' that Marilyn arranged at the Boat Show (a sponsored event). Fun!

I love my current default "Troy" (slash 'em) icon. And the 'slashy boys' of Ryan/Simon (Seacrest/Cowell).

New as of today are my "Harry Potter" blue icon and my 'The Boys 2004' (Backstreet) icon...

I made a "Troy" for friend Ryan ryan_beaches when he admired my "Troy" icon. (Need to send it to him...)

In fact, I've got a bunch of icons made for friends I need to share around...

I used to only spend time on the icons I made for others--and not focus, really, on my own! LOL. I've no clue why, really. But now (the last month or so) I'm kind of into making some that are interesting for my own use...

Well, I didn't get home from Sue's until close to 4:30 this afternoon. (Another four hours trying to fix her comp. Ugh.)

I made hard boiled eggs for Marilyn's lunch tomorrow (and over the weekend) and put away the few extra groceries I picked up today...

Has anyone had those mini-watermelons, yet? They're fantastic! Marilyn and I tried one weeks and weeks ago when Safeway had them on special. Today I saw them at Freddie's for the first time, so I picked up two of them.

They're perfect for the two of us! We can cut one into four pieces and enjoy it--but a person could easily eat half in one sitting, too...

Have I mentioned that new nail polish remover 'Once Removed'? You brush it on (like polish) and then wipe it off. There are no fumes and almost no odor! It's incredible! And while it seems spendy for that small bottle, it appears to last nearly forever...

(Oh, and it's environmentally friendly!)

Wow. I'm really jumping around in this entry!

Well, I need to tackle wrapping those presents for my friend Sandy back east. Her birthday was last Sunday! At least I did call her long distance and we talked for around 45 minutes (or an hour)...

But I was still so wrapped up with Rose Fest. things that I never had a chance to get her gifts wrapped and the package mailed! (She's fine with it. Her other best friend is a teacher and also very busy this time of year...)

I 'met' Sandy via the international fan club I used to be the president of (way back when). We've written back and forth for over a decade and talked many times--but I doubt we'll ever really meet face-to-face!

Well, that's it for now! Maybe I'll get a chance to write tomorrow. (We need to work, probably, this weekend!)


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