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F-ing Cellphones...

Look, I love it if you're a person who prefers to use a cellphone to a land phone. That's cool by me. It really is.

But if you don't keep that phone on 24/7, then how in HELL is someone going to contact you? Especially in, say, an emergency?

Okay, I rarely have 'emergencies' that require reaching someone, but you never know, right?

I'm just feeling a tad annoyed today, I guess. (sigh)

I've been waiting to talk to Tom, so my cell rings and I can't reach it in time -- and guess who was calling me? You got it.

I thought he'd left me a message -- because I get the sound for a message as I'm trying to call him back. His cell is TURNED OFF (WTF?), so I leave him a short message and say I'll go listen to his message. Of course, I can't do that, because the message was from someone else. He didn't leave me one.

Why is that?

So by now I'm highly annoyed and try to phone him again. My second message was pissed, which he didn't deserve, I'm sure. But I was too annoyed by then to be reasonable...

You know, I really wanted to talk to him. That's what's got me so bugged at this moment. (sigh) I was busy yesterday and missed his call -- and it's been ages since we connected...

So, a cellphone can be a great thing -- or a royal pain in the ass. If they aren't on, then we're back to the days BEFORE TELEPHONES, in my humble opinion. Now you tell me, how does THAT suck?

On that note, I have a pile of WORK to do (mostly website and Sponsor Audit stats), need to get a shower and wash my hair and Sister Sue wants to come by at some point with Nicole, so...

I need to post just about Tom at some point. I'm not sure what I want to say, exactly. I'm trying to get my head around it. Tom is one of my best friends -- and I want that to remain true forever. But I'm worried about it right now, whether I have cause for concern or not. (sigh)

Well, having just been a royal bitch to him probably didn't help that (grin), but that's how it goes... I never claimed to be perfect.

And being unable to reach someone when you really want to is annoying beyond belief!

By the way, it's not like HE doesn't have alternative phone numbers for reaching ME -- both our home land line and my work phone.

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