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I Hate Microsoft.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's a mantra with me. I know my anti-Microsoft rants drive some people to drink. I've got that. Okay. Still...

I HATE Microsoft.

I just had to revisit THIS ISSUE again this morning. (sigh)

This time it was on Marilyn's mistressmarilyn computer. She'd installed Silverlight in order to watch some Olympics (tennis?) on her computer. (She's miffed with the damn NBC coverage issue -- as am I -- and was seeking a way around it.)

For the record, I REFUSE to link the Silverlight page at Microsoft. Frankly, I'm not linking Microsoft, either. Be warned that installing Silverlight will take control of your Update settings on your Windows-driven computers (another reason for you Mac users to rejoice) -- I suggest you check those settings immediately if you decide to install it.

Regardless of Microsoft's attempts to keep users from using Zone Alarm (an excellent software application), I will be continuing to employ it on my computer. Stupid me, I'd hoped Microsoft would officially address and correct this problem, but plainly they haven't -- and don't intend to!

Marilyn actually woke me up this morning telling me I needed to fix her computer.

And aside from not being able to connect to the internet, something else strange was going on. Her Active Desktop kept turning off for no good reason, making it impossible to see her wallpaper. I wonder why?

Look, I get it that Microsoft wants to rule the world -- at least, they want to rule the world of computers, which in this day and age is pretty much ruling the world, as far as I'm concerned. But when they use methods that change the settings you've personally selected for your own computer? That's just WRONG.

When Marilyn installed Silverlight -- which she says is pretty damn cool, by the way -- it took her Update settings entirely to AUTOMATIC. They 'recommend' this setting (surprise!), which not only downloads any Updates, but then installs these, as well -- without you ever getting to review any of them.

If a computer reboot (restart) is needed, it will automatically do that, too -- without allowing you to confirm or deny.

People, what's wrong with this picture???

What amazes me is that other PC/Windows users aren't as angry and upset about this as I am... Seriously!

Marilyn admitted (yet again) that she probably wouldn't be able to even be on the internet if I weren't around. Or at least it would cost her some $$$ to have 'experts' come out to fix things for her...

Now how ridiculous is that?

Microsoft has made computers more and more difficult for the average person. But anyone can see why that is to their advantage, surely! Year after year I've watched this CRAP with growing concern and total shock at their audacity.

Question: Who do they think they are?

Answer: The future ruler of the world (I'm sure).

Always nice to start my day cursing the computer -- then ranting about it in my blog! (heh)

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