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Computer Books I Really Want (Need?)

I love books, as I'm sure you all know. I love to read. I don't think a day goes by in my life without me reading, even when I'm super busy or deathly ill.

I was talking to Marilyn mistressmarilyn about the fact that I have tons of 'comfort books' -- which are the reading equivalent of 'comfort food,' I guess. (smile)

So, aside from the slews and slews of books I read all the time, I have piles of these 'comfort books' that I'm constantly re-reading...

I was amazed to discover that I currently don't have just a 'book' icon, so I made one:
book icon

Of course, I did have this one (in tribute to reading):
reader icon

When we were at the bookstore last night (before meeting up with Sister Sue), both Marilyn and I browsed all over the store, going from department to department. Naturally I had to dash over and see the computer books. And I was holding a $40 book in my hands, ready to buy it then and there. But I reminded myself that I needed to check at Amazon.Com, because I get such deals on the books I buy there!

So today I did just that. And I found the following four books that I really, really want. Yes, it's close to a total of $100 for all four, not including the postage. But I might need these as much as I want them. They'd be very helpful for my website work.

If you're interested, you can click on the image of each of the following books for more info.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)  HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)

HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition (Visual Quickstart Guide) (Paperback)  Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition (Paperback)

Life is expensive, isn't it? (grin)

As I said to Marilyn, I'll actually read these books -- probably cover to cover. And it's possible I'll read them over several times. (I've been known to do that with computer-related manuals.)

You might note that one of the books above is mentioned in THIS ENTRY (and maybe other entries, too). The book is: "HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS"

I already have the first release of this (amazing) book, but I've been coveting the 2nd Edition forever!

So, I have to decide whether or not to spend $100 (plus for postage) on these books. Or maybe only get one or two of them now.

Note that I do TONS of research on books like these -- so they're never random choices. In fact, if you've ever wanted to learn CSS (which I highly recommend, if you don't already know it), then I'd personally suggest you think about books two and three above.

So, we might be having Sister Sue and Nicole over tomorrow, I guess. There's also been some talk about going to the Clark County Fair with Mitch, but I don't know if that's going to happen or not. (It runs through August 10, this coming Sunday.) We've gone to it with Mitch for two years in a row (which you can see in THIS ENTRY).

Marilyn is feeling better, but I don't think she's 100% at this point. (She had very little to eat today.)

So, on that note, I'm off to watch "Frasier" -- and then I imagine we'll head to bed. I still need to catch up about last week (very busy days), when I can find time...

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