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I've no clue why the hell I've been so tired this week.

We slept in on Sunday. And didn't do much of anything all day long. Personally, I also took a nap -- so I guess you could say I slept most of the day. (smile)

Monday we (finally) had our Cousin Linda over to visit -- which we've been discussing for ages now. Then in the afternoon Marilyn mistressmarilyn had to work, which was okay. She's actually used to working on her vacations. I can't think of many over the years where she didn't end up doing some kind of work, so it's actually the norm...

And she has a ton of dedication anyway for the festival, so that's cool.

Tuesday we planned to drive to Wildlife Safari, which is located in Winston, Oregon. If you check the map below, you can get an idea of the drive involved, which is more than 3 hours one way.

Portland, Oregon to Winston, Oregon - map

Map of Oregon

Well, as you can see here, it's a long drive that pretty nearly takes you from the northern border of the state (Portland) straight south toward the southern border of Oregon. (Okay, it's actually around 5 hours from Portland to the southern border of Oregon, but you can get the idea...)

Anyway, we got about half way there (we figure) and just decided not to continue on. We just turned around and came back home. We were both feeling tired, and really not in the mood for the long drive there and back. Besides, it was getting late and we wouldn't have been there very long before closing.

We were supposed to maybe hook up with June and Jim, who were taking June's granddaughter Kelsey there the same day, but obviously that didn't happen! (But they did go.)

Today we slept in again. And we've done little or nothing all day long, except for some necessary shopping for groceries (etc.). It's been a totally lazy day. I had yet another nice nap in the late afternoon/early evening. Marilyn woke me to see "Jeopardy." Currently the Tournament of Champions is airing, which finishes up tomorrow night.

After watching it, we headed over to Washington state to go to the Super Wal-Mart. Then we drove from there to Jantzen Beach. We wanted to go Barnes & Noble to look for a book, so we phoned Sister Sue and had her meet us at the connected Starbucks.

I need to tackle the garbage and recycling still -- and it's past 1:30 a.m. But what the hell. We're on vacation, after all...

You might well ask: "What's your excuse the rest of the time?" GOOD question! I seem to always be doing this chore in the middle of the night, don't I? Or late, anyway.

Tonight when we went to Starbucks we actually sat outside while having our drinks. It was a lovely, warm summer evening -- the kind we don't get all that many of here in Portland, I'm afraid.

It's been a week (!!!) since I last wrote in my blog, so I have a ton to catch up on, aside from what I've shared here. Time certainly flies!

I've played a little bit (very little, so far) with our new Flip video camera, but haven't made any additional YouTube vids, yet. I did make a couple of short vids over at June's house, while showing her how it worked. I'm going to encourage her to get her own YouTube account, and then we can share them there... (The one of lights in her garden in the dark is actually pretty cool.)

The always-generous Tom recently got us each of us (Marilyn and me, that is) a Boondock Saints flask. So very cool!!! (As most of you guys already know, from THIS ENTRY, Marilyn and I are fans of "The Boondock Saints" -- and so is Tom, as I recently discovered! He got himself a flask, too...)

Boondock Saints flask

He also brought over a carton of Cracker Jack, which Marilyn loves (and I also enjoy now and then). And more chips (he's so good about that). What would I do without Tom? Such a sweet guy and good friend!

Well, I've stalled as long as I can. (heh) I need to go get the work done so we can head to bed. Marilyn actually needs to be UP tomorrow morning, so no sleeping in for us!

Hm. I wonder what happened with the lawn guys today (???). I had to cancel them last week, so I'd been sure they were coming this week! I need to phone Hector about that. (sigh)
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