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Starburn by Rocket Division

I've needed to make a copy of a DVD for work for ages now... (Back in May they featured our Centennial cookbook during the cooking segment of a local TV show and I made a DVD.)

Today I got Starburn 10 from RocketDivision -- and in a matter of minutes I'd made the copy I need.

Now doesn't that ROCK???

I'm very impressed, I have to tell you.

The only down side was when the DL took over my browser searches and Home page -- but it did ASK me first, so that's my own fault. (And I knew I'd be able to 'fix' it, so no worries...) I'm not sure what the idea behind that is, but whatever!

It's really worth checking out, folks!

Tags: 2008, august-2008, dvd, festival, video, work

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