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New Flip Video Ultra

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been thinking about getting the Flip Video Ultra...

Anyway, today Marilyn decided she wanted to have it available for tomorrow night's Summer Board Meeting -- specifically for when I'm given my Volunteer Award.

So the (wonderful) Tom and I ran around today to get one. We tried Target, but they don't actually sell them in the stores (only online). Then we headed to K-Mart and ended up getting it there.

It looks like this:
Flip Video Ultra - black

It's so small, like the size of a cell phone, or small camera! How convenient to take places and create movies. It can hold up to 60 minutes and uses two AA batteries. Very cool.

And I just now made a very quick 'test video' (of our cat Henry) with it and then easily posted it to YouTube. It didn't even take half an hour to do the whole thing. You can view it under the cut...

The software that comes with the Flip (Muvee -- check out the Muvee.Com website) is easy as pie to play around with -- and that's no lie!

I think I'm in love with another new techno toy! (smile)

Tags: 2008, flip-video-ultra, henry-tudor-cat, july-2008, youtube

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