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Working on Tags

Even though LiveJournal did increase the amount of TAGS for Early Adopter, Plus, Paid and Permanent users (see THIS FAQ), I've been slowly working on decreasing my personal tags.

I've also gone to hyphenated tags (again). Even though tags with spaces will work (and not break), you can't link them (should you want to for some reason). To link a tag -- or several tags -- they can't include spaces (which I just discovered recently).

Anyway, I gone well over 1,000 again -- after taking them down out of necessity (back in January of this year, as mentioned HERE), when I discovered I could no longer add any new tags (because I'd exceeded the limit).

Earlier I was down to 890, and now I'm down to 873.

Yeah, yeah -- it's not that much below 1,000 -- but considering I can go up to 1,200, I think that's not bad at all. (smile)

I tags! It makes it so easy for me to find things in my own LJ. I suppose I wouldn't care so much if there was an easy and good way to search my own blog, but until then, tags are so important to me.

Well, back to work now!

Tags: 2008, july-2008, livejournal-related, tags

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