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Some Days Suck.

I'm trying to keep this in perspective, believe me. But some days suck. They really do.

And what can I do? Marilyn mistressmarilyn tried to keep me out of it, but I didn't listen.

Now Sue's sobbing so hard I can't recognize her voice. She's in hysterics.

Finally I spoke to Candy who'll be by to get me at noon. (sigh)

They're not equipped to do over-the-phone maintenance. I can at least try. After all, I'm fairly handy with a computer...

But DELL? I'm so infuriated that I ever recommended them to anyone! I'll never do that again. Ever. They're apparently no better than the lowest scam artists.

We already had to go through hell to get the 'rebate' that made their advertised (via TV and print ads) price genuine! (You should see their boards and the angry people there! Whew.)

And now I convinced Sue to add to the basic maintenance contract because I believed it was something decent. Right.

You talk to someone who barely speaks English (clearly in another country) and try to be walked through a fix?

Let's see. I went out to DOS and went into the regedit and still couldn't fix the damned thing, it's so f-ed up. And now some guy in India is going to fix it on the phone? I doubt it...

I suspect it needs to be entirely re-formatted and have everything reinstalled from scratch. Shit.

That should take about the rest of the day.

Well, I've got to dash out and water my yard before I go. I'm seeing red right now.

I'm over being super-pissed with Sue. I'm ready to direct my entire fury at Dell and their so-called support system!

I guess I should have realized this all along. But the comps at the PRFA at Dells and are amazing! Of course, they have a tech who comes 'in house' to fix any problems...

Color me red today.

I do so need to organize my clothes before this weekend! I'm crazed here.

It would be nice to vacuum, too.

I wanted to give myself a (much needed) pedicure. (I have the 'bad' habit of getting in the office and taking off my shoes. I love running around barefoot. LOL.)

Where are my shorts-overalls? I need to find them! Where are the rest of my uniform polo shirts? (Thank God I just purchased two new ones this year--one red and one blue. M. just brought them home and they fit great!)

Off to water...


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