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Early and Busy!

Considering we didn't get to bed until well past 2:00 a.m. last night (!!!), we were both up early and ready to go...

Marilyn was out of the house around 7:00 a.m., heading to an early meeting. I started in early with my housecleaning, preparing to have people over tomorrow. There's not a ton to do, just picking up and maybe vacuuming the living room, plus cleaning the bathroom a bit.

Things are thankfully pretty nice both inside and in the yard right now!

I'm supposed to see Tom today at some point. I've barely talked to him for days, which is starting to seem really odd when it happens, by the way. He had a hard time last week, getting back to work after being on vaca.

Tom works graveyard at work. He goes in at 10:00 p.m. and gets off at 6:30 a.m. (He's the manager of his shift in the warehouse.) Then he usually heads home and has a 'nap' (his main sleep for the day) until around noon (or sometimes a little longer). Then he's up and around and doing his 'thing' until evening, when he'll try to have another nap before heading to work.

He was considering changing to a daytime shift, but I was pretty concerned that it would be hard for him to adjust to it (and I told him so). I'm sure he'll eventually want to do that, even so, but he's decided not to for now. I wasn't trying to push him to change his mind -- I just wanted what was best for HIM. But I think I gave him the impression that I'd be unhappy if he worked days. (sigh) Decisions this important shouldn't be made by others, so I think I'll need to be careful about what and when I say things to my friends in the future... I'd hate to be the potential cause of someone's unhappiness, after all!

I admit that I love seeing Tom during the day, when most people are normally at work. But that's really beside the point! He needs to do what's best for him -- not what's best for me...

It's raining out now. Not heavy rain or anything, but I am glad I took the cushions up! I should go out and cover the swing, too (which I didn't bother doing). Maybe I won't need to, but I'd hate for it to get wet.

I'm planning to start my garbage and recycling today, so I'll have much of it done before tomorrow.

In Other News...

I need to concentrate more on my fitness. Happily yesterday I was able to wear a pair of shorts I literally haven't had on in years. (I don't think I've worn those shorts since before 2000, believe it or not.)

It was fun playing tennis, but I'd like to do it more often!

I haven't ridden my bike in some time, so I'd like to get back to that.

Exercise is a very good thing, after all.

Henry (Tudor cat) seemed sick yesterday -- so we were going to try and find some way to get him in to the vet this week, in spite of our busy schedules. But by last night he seemed just fine! He's odd that way. He'll seem under the weather -- sometimes very much so -- and then suddenly he's okay again. I can't figure it out...

He has this funny habit of playing with his food. He'll scoop the food (which is dry) out of his bowl, then do a sort of 'cat and mouse' thing with it before he eats it. It's cute, but makes a terrible mess that I'm constantly having to sweep up.

The boys (cats) really want to go out. But they weren't happy out there when I let them go, because of the damp. Sorry guys, but I can't control the weather! They're now back in and the door is firmly shut, in spite of Colin repeatedly saying 'Out' to me (a word that most cats seem to know, interestingly enough). Colin is very affectionate this morning. I guess he was up on Marilyn's pillow first thing this morning, seeking loving. And he's been after me a couple of times to pay attention to him and pet and praise him. (Sweet boy!)

Well, I need to get back to work, I think!
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