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Busy Day? Sort of...

I'm not sure exactly WHY it seemed like such a 'busy day' to me, considering I didn't really DO all that much... (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn saw her friend (BF) Ed today.

He'd wanted to drive somewhere that didn't interest her -- and I said that SHE should be the one deciding where they went. I suggested they drive to Pat and Pat's sale up the Gorge, so that's what they did. She was happy with that decision and glad I'd suggested it. (Go, me!)

Pat and Pat were glad to see them and showed them their new car (I can't remember the year) -- plus their amazing 1935 Cadillac (which I've seen in the past).

Afterwards they came back and I fixed us all cheeseburgers. We sat out on the deck and drank the Chill beer that Ed bought for us. (He also gave her a really nice bottle of Tequila. He's a class act...)

Anyway, Ed's a guy who pretty much 'gets it' -- so we talked about stuff going on at the festival currently. He works for Tri-Met, so we often call him 'Tri-Met Ed' (smile). He's got a difficult job and has to deal with a ton of crap from supervisors...

I don't know Ed all that well, so it was good getting to sit around and talk to him.

While Marilyn and Ed were gone on their drive, I had June over to sit on the deck and we had a nice visit. I've finally been getting to spend some time with her lately...

I worked on the website I designed a year ago for a non-profit group that they rejected -- and then later wanted, after all! I'm thinking I'll 'tweak' the design and offer it to them a second time, now that I know so much more about websites (since my year working on the festival site as webmaster). What they hell, the worst they can do is reject it again. (smile) And it should give me some insight into the design I want for one of our own domains/sites.

We went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, which included Pink (which is how we refer to Crystal Light 'Wild Strawberry' with caffeine) -- being out of 'Pink' is simply NOT an option for us! (grin) Note: Kraft's Crystal Light website is one of those Flash-heavy websites that suddenly blasts music at you -- so you may not want to click that link. (grr)

I guess that coding HTML/CSS, entertaining guests and shopping are what made me 'busy' -- but that doesn't seem very busy, really! (heh)

Anyway, I just woke from a long nap and am posting this before heading to bed (finally) for the night... about time.

Tags: 2008, beer, coding, crystal-light, css, ed, flash, html, july-2008, june, marilyn, pink

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