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Life Goes On! (smile)

Well, okay, keep the following in mind -- because we do! When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Yeah, things are hard right now -- and will probably get worse very soon. Change is a good thing, no matter what. And that's how I plan to look at it. (Hopefully others will do the same.) And meanwhile, I have website things to do for work. Plus I'd like to work on some of our personal domains/websites, too!

Oh! We lost the domain with our last name in it! I don't think I mentioned that before. We screwed up (well, I screwed up, to be exact) and missed seeing the renewal email. So now it's been bought by someone and it's far too much for us to purchase it back. We'll probably try for a new one to replace it. I'm annoyed that I didn't get to move all my uploaded files (sigh), but again, it's my own fault! You really have to keep on top of your domain renewals!!!

I should have learned that lesson with all the issues about the one domain I had to 'fix' for work this past year. It was a major pain in the ass, I have to tell you! But it finally worked out and was up and running when we needed it...

I'd love to find the time to do some non-work-related website coding, I have to admit. I've learned a lot about CSS (which you know I go on and on about), so I'd love to put that into effect somewhere besides the festival website. Maybe I'll find time over the weekend to give it a go!

Our friends Pat and Pat -- who live up the Columbia River Gorge -- are having their annual yard sale this weekend, so we really want to head up there. (Not sure which day, though.)

My friend June and her husband Jim went to Zimmerman House last weekend -- and didn't like it! I'm stunned, I have to tell you. I can't imagine not being impressed with that place. I guess I'm glad I didn't end up going along, because that would have been uncomfortable as hell...

You can never tell, I guess.

Marilyn and I want to go see "The Dark Knight" again (maybe this weekend?).

I cut down a slew of branches from our tree -- and after work yesterday (Thursday) I cut them into pieces and put them into our Yard Recycling Bin (which is very, very full now). I was glad to get that task done! (I do have more branches to cut, but this was the main area that needed work.) Mind that I did all this with very inadequate tools -- and a lot of willpower. (grin)


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