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New LiveJournal Cursor (ugh)

Has anyone else noticed the new CURSOR here at LiveJournal???

I refer specifically to the fact that the LJ cursor now has a very strange 'dot' on the upper right hand side. If you were to magnify it, it would look something like this:
Weird fly speck cursor at LiveJournal

Frankly, I don't have a CLUE why this is the case. Is it, perhaps, something Russian? (yikes)

Anyway, it bugs me like mad! For days I kept trying to brush the fly speck off my screen -- not really a good thing to keep doing with a flat monitor, mind you, that shouldn't really be touched all the time.

And, NO, I am NOT used to it, even days later. (In fact, I'm thinking about contacting LJ Support to complain about it...)

If someone at LiveJournal feels they MUST have this, could they at least let some of opt out? PLEASE??? (sigh)

Some of you may have also noticed this other change:
image: Post entry to LiveJournal

image: Edit LiveJournal entry

(But maybe not, if you don't tend to Edit your entries...)

In my case, I have my default set so all my posts are Private. I enter an entry and then PROOF it -- before making finally it public. Yeah, I'm just anal that way. (smile)

So now I have extra steps to try and edit (especially if I do it more than once). Not a big thing, I guess, but certainly annoying after years (make that six years) of doing it differently.

Again, I've no clue why they decided to do this...

Here's one of the things about this that really gets me:
I'm a member of suggestions.

I have since 2006, as near as I can recall, though I may have joined earlier. I became an active member (commenting on a regular basis) starting sometime in April of 2006.


I certainly don't recall seeing anything about either of these changes being implemented.

On the other hand, I've seen dozens and dozens of other WONDERFUL suggestions made that haven't been implemented.

Typical, huh? (sigh)

Why does it always seem like LJ is making changes we don't want -- instead of the ones that we do want?

So... I guess this has ended up as just another of my LiveJournal rants. (smile)

Please, don't get me wrong! I love LiveJournal -- I really do. But there are days when it just drives me crazy. And that's no lie.
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