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Great to be a Writer - Great to be Paid (New Camera!)

I got paid for my script writing gig last week -- always a good thing!

So, I bought myself a new camera, which I really needed. I'd taken over 5,800 photos with my old Canon PowerShot. It saw some hard duty during that time! We bought that camera (the PowerShot A530) back in August of 2006 -- almost two years ago, in other words.

I admit that I love the Canon PowerShot, so I didn't even consider getting anything but a newer model when I went 'camera shopping.'

As for camera shopping, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had an interesting experience, by the way. She'd informed me that I would be the 'official photographer' at the parade party we were attending at Sue B.'s house on Saturday afternoon. So I told her I wanted to get my new camera before we went.

So after going to tan early Saturday morning, we went to the Freddies located there at Gateway. We basically had two different sales people blow us off, which burned Marilyn so bad that she suggested we leave.

I was ready to report them, frankly, but this ended up good for us, so I decided to let it go. (smile)

We then went back to our own neck of the woods and to our local (Peninsula) Fred Meyer, where we'd originally looked at the camera I wanted to buy. They had out 10% off coupons, which hadn't been true at the first store! That took the price down to $180 (on the normally $200 camera).

I also needed to buy a memory card (the one that comes with it won't even begin to cut it), so the sales person showed me one on sale for $20 -- that was normally $60 (well, $59.99). She took me right to it and told me she just bought it herself, so she knew it would work in the camera.

When it was time to ring us up, the cost came out wrong. That's when she discovered the memory card had gone off sale -- but because the sale tag was still up, I got if for that price!

In other words, I got both the camera -- and a 4 gig memory card -- for $200, which was what I'd been expecting to pay for the camera alone. What a deal!

You can check out the official webpage about the camera here: Canon PowerShot A720 IS

The major change over my old camera is the zoom and pixels. The old one was 4x Optical Zoom, while the new one is 6x (!!!). The old one was 5.0 Mega Pixels -- and the new model is 8.0. Of course, the new camera also has an Image Stabilizer, which is pretty cool. The quality of the images is amazing, anyway. And I was already happy as can be with what I shot with my old camera, mind you! Here are a couple of images of the new camera:

Canon PowerShot A720 IS

Canon PowerShot A720 IS

And you can go read about my PNY SDHC 4 GB Memory Card, if you're interested. I'd normally opt for the Lexar, because (as we all know) I'm a huge Lexar fan. But I couldn't pass up this sale on a bet...

I'm home today and have some website 'tweaks' I need to do. But I should get in to the actual office this week and tackle some IT stuff... I might go tomorrow, but I suspect I won't go until Thursday. We'll see!

Hopefully (???) my next entry will be all about this past weekend (which for us currently includes Mondays). I have loads to share, which should include some photos!
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