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Restful Day...

I slept in until forever today. (Seriously!)

And then after only being up a short while and doing quite a bit of nothing at all, I took a long nap. (smile)

You could even say I slept most of the day away, and that wouldn't be too far from accurate! (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn slept far less -- and she went out to walk for an hour. Good for her! (I need to start doing that, too.)

We have that party tomorrow night, so we're going first thing in the morning to tan.

My friend June and her husband went to Zimmerman House today. She phoned at some point to invite me along, but I'm sure I was dead to the world when she did. Though I love going to Zimmerman House, I think getting that sleep was probably far better for me...

We played a bunch of Zuma today, too. All these years later and we're still addicted to that game. We both have it downloaded (paid downloads) on our desktop computers and generally play it at least once a week, if not more often. I'd have to call it our favorite game, simply going by how long we've had it and how many times we've played it. No matter what other games we play, we always seem to come back to it. (grin)

I did take the 'boys' (cats Colin and Henry) outside a couple of times today. They love summer! Normally they are 100% house cats (only), but in the summer we take them out in the back yard, which is enclosed by a six-foot cedar fence. Interestingly enough, neither of them ever seems the least bit inclined to climb the wood fence, but we keep a close eye on them just the same. We don't get heavy traffic on the street in front of our house, but people certainly drive far too fast there! We've no desire to risk having our cats get hit by a car. Nor do we want them to run off and get lost.

I know there are loads of people with strong feelings about the subject of making a cat 'indoor only' -- we have several friends who think it's really wrong. But it's actually part of the agreement you make with the Oregon Humane Society when you adopt a kitten/cat from them. But we'd keep them in, anyway, as that's our preference.

We're still a little worried about Henry. He ran head first into a glass door (cabinet door) really hard recently. We thought he was okay, but now we're not sure -- so we're taking him to the vet on Monday.

Monday, July 21 -- 12:40 p.m. (with Dr. Dylan)

Our normal vet (Dr. McCoy) wasn't available, so we're seeing a different one. (Dr. McCoy is going in vaca starting next week, so it might have been a long wait...)

Hopefully Henry is fine, but we'll feel better when we know for sure.

Well, it's 11:30 and I think I'm ready to head to bed. I may have slept most of the day, but I've been pretty sleep-deprived recently. Anyway, that 9:00 a.m. tanning session means getting up around 8:00 in order to be ready and drive out there, so... (Which I admit doesn't sound that early for a work day, but we often sleep later on Saturdays if we're off.)

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