CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

"The Dark Knight"

We saw "The Dark Knight" at the midnight movie last night.

Fewer people in our group showed up than we'd originally expected. And what wusses many were, complaining that they'd go if it weren't playing 'at midnight.' And many of these whiners were young people, too! (I must have misunderstood Kathii, who didn't end up showing. We'd bought her a ticket and I personally waited outside for her for half an hour. I'm sorry she wasn't able to make it.)

So our group was only nine strong. We also ended up splitting off into two groups and sitting in two different theaters, but that was okay. It was pretty packed, after all! (They were playing it in three different theaters at the place we went to.) Tom was kind enough to go in advance to buy tickets for the whole gang. I hope people manage to pay him. As of last night only a few had...

Tom, Marilyn mistressmarilyn, sister Sue, Mitch, Richard B. (and daughter Ebony), Jessica (and her brother) and me made up the nine people.

I'll avoid any spoilers and simply say we enjoyed the film -- and that I continue to just love Christian Bale as both The Batman and Bruce Wayne. (They finally got it right when they cast him.) Aaron Eckhart is really the perfect Harvey Dent and Michael Caine continues to amaze as Alfred. Both Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman ROCK, yet again. And, yes, Heath Ledger is good and will probably win the Academy Award for this role. But I have to tell you, I thought this was Harvey Dent's movie, more than it was the Joker's... (Just my observation.)

In light of that, I decided to add a new banner in support of Harvey on my Profile page. You can see it by clicking HERE.

Tags: 2008, july-2008, marilyn, mitch, movie, richard-b., sister-sue, tom

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