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Nap Time...

We both worked hard -- and non-stop again today, beginning early this morning. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is on the family room sofa. I'm headed to lie down on the bed.

I could barely keep my eyes open to watch "Jeopardy," frankly.

Of course, I couldn't go to sleep when we got home after the third night in a row working until 2 a.m. -- so I watched a movie until 4 a.m. Then I got up with Marilyn when she headed to the office. I had to water all the flowers and do some yard work early today. That -- and all the other work I did -- combined with little sleep? Well, no wonder I'm ready for a nap. (smile)

I'm sure that beer we split has something to do with it, too. We don't drink often or much, so...

It's another beautiful summer day here, by the way. Even though Marilyn has to work Friday morning, she's planning to leave after her important morning meeting. (I hope that actually happens!)

We've got the parade party at Sue B.'s house on Sunday, and sister Sue is going with us. That should be fun! Poor Sue had two root canals yesterday (which is what happens when you let your dental problems go for a long time). Her granddaughter Nicole went to the dentist this morning. Candy was taking her to meet Bryan tonight. Bryan and Nicole catch the train first thing tomorrow morning for their annual trip to California to see his family there. They'll be gone for almost three weeks.

We're planning to get a group together to go to the Batman movie -- "The Dark Knight" -- for the midnight movie on Thursday (actually early Friday morning, as they show it at 12:01). It should be a blast to have a gang of people see it together! (Tom's going, for one.)

Well, I need that nap now... (yawn)

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