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Work Update (Yes, again)

I finally managed to compile the festival website stats into two Excel documents... er... spreedsheets. (Calling them documents when we're talking Excel is clearly not accurate, but whatever!)

I've been working on the final versions of both the past two days, actually.


I just had something BAD happen with my computer. I'm not sure what caused it, but dozens of windows suddenly just opened up. This seems like a virus, but I did a reboot and ran some maintenance and can't see a cause. (sigh) I'm not sure if I should feel good that it's working okay right now -- or worried that there's something wrong and I can't find it...

Hopefully it's nothing serious. I'm not anxious to lose anything. Or to need to spend tons of $$$ on fixing it. (yikes)

We now return to our regularly scheduled program... er... entry!

The one I had started to write before the whole thing happened, I mean. Well, I do think it's a good sign that I was able to SAVE this entry, even though I was typing it when the weirdness took place.

So, talking about work again...

I wish I'd done what Kristin did -- and kept a really orderly Excel Spreedsheet with all the stats as I went along. I stupidly kept mine in total disarray. First off, I often gacked stats in Word, or in text format. Admittedly, that was because I didn't learn to use Excel for several months. And it took longer for me to be comfortable with it. (Kristin was so amazingly organized. I admire that. A ton.)

Well, after much work, I did get the scattered stats into two spreedsheets. And the results are both things of beauty! I'm proud of how I've organized these -- and how I laid them out (using Excel). I can't share the actual spreedsheets with you, but I did gack images that I can show. It's not quite the same, but you can get a general idea, anyway. (heh)

If you're interested, you can see my lovely Excel spreedsheets! (Well, sort of, anyway.)

I'm pleased with what I did with this one, using weekly stats, rather than day-by-day -- which meant the entire report fit on one page.

This report is actually eight pages long (you're looking at page 1). I admit I'm pretty pleased with the way it's laid out. I think it gives insight to the website layout (sort of like viewing a site map), and to the methods of navigation we now use. (I could clearly see the improvement of the new navigation I'm responsible for creating while I was doing this spreedsheet.)

Okay, they aren't as lovely as gazing at some photo, I realize, but they still look pretty nice to me. (smile)

Especially after all the hours I put into both of them!

Well, back to work. 'My work is never done.' (smile)
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