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Back from the office at around 2 a.m.

Busy, busy, busy -- and with so much more to do, too.

(Marilyn mistressmarilyn was falling asleep on the family room sofa the last time I saw her...)

As for me, I'm just getting ready for bed. It's past 3 a.m. here, so it's about time! We've got tons more work to do tomorrow, so I should hurry. We need to try to get up at a decent hour.

I think Mitch phoned today, but I missed the call. He'd wanted to play tennis yesterday, and I told him to call today. I'd totally forgotten about that, as busy as we were! (Whoops -- sorry Mitch...)

It was a beautiful day here -- total, full-out summer! (grin) We're both loving it.

So life is good. Very. And lots of work doesn't change that one jot.


Tags: 2008, busy, festival, july-2008, marilyn, summer, work

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