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Marilyn on TV!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn was just on TV! Wow. Very, very cool.

It's only local (our government channel), but when you're talking Portland, Oregon and our suburbs, that's pretty impressive...

Our three-term, female mayor, Vera Katz, is coming to the end of her service as mayor of the city. So the Portland Rose Festival Association went to the City Council meeting to make a presentation and give a speech.

Though Marilyn wrote the speech, it was supposed to be the President of the Association who was giving it. (Or the Vice President.)


Marilyn got to read the speech!

She's an amazing speaker (as many know) and did an incredible job. I'm so proud of her.

She also looked great! (A big plus in M.'s book.)

The court ambassadors also appeared (just finished their little recitation)...

The speech was incredible. She can write so well, too!

The mayor actually came down to hug and kiss both her and the new Executive Director, Susie Gross (the new PRFA boss).

Marilyn's official title is Associate Executive Director, by the way...

I need to call her! I'm really excited and proud.


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