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Progressive Dinner

Tom and Marilyn mistressmarilyn went to the Progressive Dinner tonight. I have photos of Marilyn from before she left, which I'll need to post. Her outfit was fabulous.

I helped Tom shop for a shirt (he ended up getting four really nice ones). Then he, sister Sue and I went to lunch together (Friday), which was really nice.

It sounds like they have a very nice time, from what Marilyn related. I'm so glad! I was really hoping they'd end up having a blast. It was a lot of good people (I think I know most of them), so it should have been great fun (going by the people alone).

I guess the party bus was too small for the amount of people, however. Tom -- being the total gentleman that he is -- had to stand the entire time (!!!). I wasn't at all surprised that he did that when Marilyn mentioned it, knowing him the way I do. And I guess it was too hot on the bus, too. That sucks, considering what people paid for this dinner -- but it sounds like nobody cared all that much.

It sounds like the food was good -- and everyone liked Tom. (How could they not?)

I'm looking forward to talking to him tomorrow (or soon) and hearing what he thought about it... (He and I talked on the phone twice today.)

In Other News...
  • Marilyn and I need to work tomorrow and Monday on Pinnacle Award-related stuff. (It's not fun to have to work on what should be days off, but we knew this would happen, so it's okay. We'll get it done, even if we are down to the wire on it... sigh...)
  • Marilyn did take the DVR of the movie and get it on a VCR tape -- and tonight I converted that to a DVD. So that's one thing done, anyway! (The quality isn't all that great, but it's good enough. But as usual, going from tape to DVD did improve it quite a bit -- but the digital/DVR thing had a lot of drop-out, I'm afraid.)
  • We've really (really) been enjoying our back yard so far this summer! I need to share more photos soon. I think it's probably the nicest we've ever had since living here!
  • We want to go and see "Wanted" again. And can't wait for the new Batman movie to open! (There's going to be a midnight showing next Thursday. I think those are such a blast!)
  • I haven't shared about my new bench yet (!!!), so hopefully I'll do that soon. (Tom got it for me. Isn't he sweet?) I love it!!!
  • Well, it's after 1 a.m. and I think I'll head to bed now...
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