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Give Away of the Day

First off, many thanks to friend Becky beckyo -- who got me hooked up with GiveAwayOfTheDay.Com!

It took me some time to finally use the option to actually download something, but I couldn't pass this up.

Anyway, I downloaded the amazing Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder for free (a $50 software application), and played with it for hours last night, making some very simple Flash slideshows.

What I ended up with are just what I've wanted for more than a year now! No kidding. Actually, I stayed up until 4 a.m. (sorry about that, Marilyn mistressmarilyn!) playing with it.

Because you can't embed Flash into an entry, I've stuck one over on my Profile page, which you can see by clicking THIS LINK, if you're interested.

As I said, it's very simple -- but that's what I wanted. Just a slideshow of photos, with very minor transitions from one to the next. I wanted small photos -- and easy control over the size of the Flash image.


Okay, so it's not like I'm really proud or anything. (heh) It's not about the fancy here -- but all about keeping it functional and nice at the same time.

So I've got one up on the home page of the festival website now -- and might sprinkle a few other small Flash slideshows around the rest of the site. Because they're small like this, they aren't the pain that some Flash images can be at sites. They're quick to load (as Flash goes) and don't hog computer resources. (As most of you probably know, I'm not generally a fan of Flash-heavy websites -- say, the way most movie websites work... sigh...)

Don't be surprised if I make some more slideshows to put up on my Profile page, considering how simple they are!

EDIT: I didn't realize that Wondershare was located in China. Interesting. They really manage to overcome the language barrier, for the most part. (Unlike some China-based companies...)

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