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Screw Up (yikes)

You know, it's very easy to screw up your entire LJ layout...


Which I did this morning, by the way.

I was actually trying to change one of my communities (a private one) -- just make a very simple change, by the way. (Oh. And I still haven't done that. Not that it matters, but still...)

Instead, I screwed up my main blog (charliemc). Going back is a can of worms... (Um, Charlie? You need to know what you were using...)

For future reference (mine), I use Smooth Sailing Mochachino (with custom colors and a custom CSS).

Actually, once you pick the correct layout and theme again, it happily returns to whatever you had previously (including your background image, etc.).

Because of this very stupid mistake on my part, I took the time to type out every single thing I've done to customize things, so if I ever really screw it up, I can get back to 'normal' easily.


Like I don't have better things I should could be doing!

I know there's seriously nothing 'fancy' or 'cool' about my layout, but I happen to like it just the way it is. So...

Tags: 2008, july-2008, livejournal, livejournal-layout

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