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Not a Great Day...

First off, I still don't feel all that great.

I still have a sore throat and feel SO TIRED that it makes no sense at all. (sigh) When will this bug quit biting me?

When you don't feel well, it seems to color everything else. Sister Sue needed help with her resume this morning, and I wasn't very nice about it. I didn't mean to be a bitch, but feeling lousy just made me cranky as hell.

Then I did the latest Microsoft updates. Great idea! Not.

So my email goes down around 10:00 a.m. -- as does my connection to the internet. No connection to the internet means I can't work from home (which I do via Remote Access). And I obviously can't FTP, so I can't do website changes, either. This put me in a worse mood, believe me.

Widom of Our Fathers
But Marilyn mistressmarilyn gave me good advice -- she told me to go take a nap, read a book or watch TV. So I did just that, I sat and read a book for hours. For the record, I'm reading Tim Russert's "Wisdom of Our Fathers," which is an amazing book. I'm really enjoying it.

I came back to the computer at 1:30 p.m., hopeful that I'd be connected -- but I wasn't. I had to phone Qwest (sigh) and go through the many (many) electronic steps that take you to speaking to a real person. I tell Charles that I've done the initial steps, so he can skip those. (I also toss in that I'm the IT Manager at work -- so he'll know I've got some idea of what the hell I'm doing.) He has me disable the firewall -- which I should have tried on my own, I have to admit. Suddenly it all works. Then he mentions the issue with the latest Microsoft update, that apparently screws up any firewall that isn't Microsoft -- and I use Zone Alarm as my firewall.

He gives me the phone number to call them, but frankly, I'm not paying them some outrageous fee for help. I don't know what the hell I'll do, but I'll go to Google groups first and see what I can get for free, first. It makes me so mad. It really does.

I did water the plants this morning. It was lovely in the back yard. Cool and breezy. I planted those few flowers we'd never gotten around to planting (finally) and picked up the rest of the firework 'leavings' that were all over the yard. Wednesdays our lawn guys come, so I didn't want them to mow over all that stuff and make an even bigger mess.

Yesterday I picked up the firework stuff in the front and side yards. I started in the morning, but felt so hot and sweaty that I quit and didn't finish it up until afternoon. Again, I kept thinking about the guys mowing over the stuff. I had picked up the large stuff on the night of the Fourth, but there were still a lot of little pieces all over the place. Much of it came from what our neighbors did, actually, though some of it was ours.

I quit counting at 100 pieces -- and then picked up for another 45 minutes in the morning and more in the afternoon. So I've no clue about the final count, but it was a lot of cardboard and plastic, I'll tell you that!

Tom phoned me a bit ago, checking up on me. He's so sweet to be worried like that. We chatted for some time (we always do), and now I'm adding a quick entry here.

I need to start in on the garbage and recycling -- and decide if I'm going to (finally) color my hair, or not. I really need to, but I'm having a hard time getting 'up' for it...

I need to clean out the sink downstairs, too -- the one in the utility room, near our washer and dryer. The washer empties into it, so we can't do laundry until I take care of the mess... (yuck)

I guess I should quit writing this and get to work. The sooner I start, the sooner I'll be done, after all.
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