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Sore Throat. (ugh)

My 'sick in bed' icon isn't really the right one for this entry, as I haven't been staying down in bed at all... But I feel lousy. I guess I need another icon for this, huh? (smile)

I've got a killer sore throat. Bad enough that I don't even feel like reading, which almost never happens to me. I would be lying on the sofa watching TV today, then not even feel like doing that. I'm restless and miserable, but not horrible. That's almost more maddening in some ways, I guess...

I do want to write all about the Fourth, as we had a BLAST! But I'll do that later. Right now I think I'll go lie down again. (sigh)

I probably have some small bug that will pass quickly. But I feel yucky and just wish I didn't have anything. And I'll die if it turns into laryngitis, which I hate. Oh well!

Tags: 2008, fourth-of-july, july-2008, sick

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