CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Great. Moderation 'Fun' (Again)--And Better Ways to Spend My Time!

Yeah, well I take time from my really (seriously here) busy work schedule to try and 'reason out' possible blend methods so I can be told I'm wrong by other members...

Fun, huh?

You know what, I guess it's the tone I'm told I'm 'wrong' that's annoying/upsetting...

I've got one hell of a lot better things to do with my time, too, frankly. I don't need to sit and try to guess what's been done when I could be spending my free time on something fun, for example!

(What? I'd like to use my work breaks for fun? For something selfish? No! You're kidding me. Something that makes the facial tic stop and the tooth grinding ease up? Am I insane? LMAO.)

Okay, I'm feeling a little sick of moderating right now. Let somebody else take over at the PSP communities. I should have thrown in the towel weeks ago when I got really busy with the script and other Festival work, anyway. Let's see how this shakes out, with Kevin, Becky and Nik already busy, shall we? (Nasty smirk. LOL.)

Well, apparently there's always a member ready to step in answer, anyway--so why do I let it get to me? Shit. I'm too frazzled these days for this crap.

The thing is, I don't claim (never have) to be an 'expert.' I'm guessing with the best of them, after all. (For example, I spent 45 mintues today trying to come up with a way to duplicate an effect that's simple to achieve using Adobe PhotoShop--but apparently impossible with PSP (even version 8.) (sigh)

I'm not sure why I care so much, anyway. Well, there's always this 'teacher' inside me that longs to teach. And there's this side of me (too) that loves to help out the other guy...

But you know what? I've been a 'door mat' many, many times in my life in the past. I really don't need to go there right now. (Or ever again, really.)

I'm smiling right now, because I hadn't intended to sound like a whiney bitch about this. ('Oh poor little me, boo hoo hoo.' Christ. That sickens me! Get over it.) If I haven't got better ways to spend my time online then I'll spend them off line. I've certainly got plenty of work to do!

On a different note!

I need to go through clothes and find my work polos and other 'uniform' items. And I could stand to clean house (which I haven't had near enough time to do).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got a start (already--hurray!) on our flowers in the front bed--and especially in the back yard! (Which look lovely!)

I did take a nice long break today to ride down to get another 20 plants (via my bike)--and then planted them.

We put in impatiens and begonias on Sunday. So pretty!

Normally we don't get flowers in this early. Last year it was July before we got them in. (After the Festival.)

But this year we need to have them in before July--considering Marilyn's upcoming surgery!

It was so nice today. Marilyn's boss Susie emailed me twice to assure me she'd be my ride to the hospital to see Marilyn, seeing as the hospital is some distance away.

Apparently she asked Marilyn how I'd be getting their and Marilyn told her we didn't know--and that it might be by bus. And she also mentioned that it had me a little stressed out thinking about it...

Let's just say that Marilyn's previous boss (Dick) would never have done something like this! Hell, Marilyn mentioned how he entirely ignored the day of my surgery back when Marilyn was so stressed out by the situation!

Marilyn really could have used similar kindness back then! She was near tears struggling to attend an early morning meeting the day following my surgery and then manage an extremely busy day of work followed by doing the garbage and recycling alone (which she was unfamiliar with and unprepared to have to do)--and then still come to see me!

The day of my surgery was a horrible one, too. It took hours longer than expected due to the complications when they got inside and discovered that three of my organs had 'grown together' with scar tissue from my childhood surgery--forcing them to call in a second surgeon. Where was Dick then when Marilyn could have used a kind word or two? Nada, friends.

It's something of a relief to have the surgery finally set, seeing as Marilyn's been suffering through since both the fibroid and cyst where discovered more than a year ago. (Originally we thought she'd have this done last year.)

She's had so much discomfort and pain both. She's amazing to have put up with it all this time!

Frankly, I'm looking forward to her being off, too. I'm sure it's going to be strange, seeing as I can't even remember the last time she's taken more than two weeks off at once... (We know it has happened in the last 20 years, anyway.)

Usually we're delighted if she can come close to taking off a full week, most times. (Four-day weekends are a sincere delight!)

With her schedule she's certainly earned the four weeks she's planning to take. (It won't really be the entire month of July, seeing as it's five weeks long this year...)

I remember how tired I was after surgery. Needing to take naps almost every afternoon! Ugh.

Marilyn says she's looking forward to that, though. LOL. (No wonder. She rarely gets enough sleep...)

Well, it's 1:00 a.m. here and I need to head to bed soon.

Trust me when I say I'll be around!

Trust me when I say I'm spending my free time blogging in my own journal--or doing moderation at other communities and Yahoo (if I moderate at all, that is).

Oh. And the sugar free candy we tested can have a 'mild laxative effect' according to the label. Right! I had one piece and was 'surprised' earlier. Marilyn had two pieces and got the same surprise...

(And it didn't even taste good! LOL.)

Was that TMI? Sorry!


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