CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Busy, Busy, Busy -- Cleaning is Still Happening

We're still working away here...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been working in her bathroom. That should really be my job -- not hers! I'm the one who is supposed to keep this house clean, after all. But I was upstairs working in the kitchen, so she decided to tackle her bathroom. She's been wanting to do that, but I'd planned for us to work on it together...

Anyway, her floor gets really bad, because hairspray gets on it and seems to just lock dirt to the surface. I don't envy her this task at all. (Been there, done that.) Especially after the months (yes, I'm afraid that's true) that I've let it go! Seriously, I walked in there in my bare feet and was stunned it was so good! I'd use something heavy-duty to manage this, but she only used very mild soap and her own muscle-power. It might be the best job since the floor was originally laid, I swear.

Meanwhile, I was picking up in the kitchen, cleaning off the stove (it gets so greasy), washing some walls and scubbing the floor (not as bad as Marilyn's bathroom, because the color isn't as pale -- and I do it far more often).

You know, it's amazing how nice things are when you put things away and uncover some surfaces. Seriously. One of our goals is simply to get rid of more 'stuff' and make that task easier on ourselves. We believe we could keep the entire house nicer (and cleaner) if we didn't have such an issue with putting things away around here.

I suspect that's true for most people, though. We've got limited storage space, and lots of stuff -- there's no doubt about it.

The yard guys came today and did a better job this week than they've been doing for months. Of course, that's partly because Hector himself was here for the bark dust delivery, so he saw that they'd 'slacked' a bit -- and I think he read them the riot act. I've been going to tell him, but I've just been too busy in 2008 to care that much. Still, it's nice to have them do a really good job (especially considering the cost of the service), just when we're getting ready to have people visit -- some for the first time ever.

Today is my garbage and recycling day. I've got a start on it, but still need to finish it up (sigh). I hate putting it off, but we were both so worn out that we laid down for naps as soon as we were done eating. I just got up a little bit ago, actually.

What we ate for dinner was these fabulous burgers that my friend (and neighbor) June had told me about. They sell them at Costco, so when we went there yesterday we got a box. The Angus burgers are pre-cooked, which means you only have to toss them in the microwave for less than five minutes to have delicious burgers ready to eat!

You can actually throw them on the grill, or into a frying pan, too -- but they take very little time to prepare, no matter how you fix them. The brand name on the box is Quick 'N Eat -- but the website they list is It's a very simple website, and currently doesn't even list this product. But the food? You have to try it to believe it! Imagine eating the best burger you've ever had -- and doing it in under five minutes of deciding you want one!

We live in a wonderful world... (A slab of Tillamook cheese melted on top made for some very primo cheeseburgers, I have to tell you.) Try getting food like that at any fast food place. (Not, mind you, that I'm slamming fast food. I eat a lot of it. But still...)

So, I still need to clean up my bathroom just a little bit. (People will be using it, I'm sure, while here.) And I need to load the dishwasher and run it. It's half-full right now and I have a full sink of dishes, so that may mean two loads. (smile) Just so you know, I always rinse off dishes before piling them in the sink, so they're at least half clean at that point (if not more so). A sink full of dishes can sound pretty bad, but I'd never be able to deal with it if they were really dirty...

The yard needs a tiny bit more work. Very tiny, really. We just have a couple things to plant and some tools that need putting away. It's no big deal... Plus I want to make a rock garden in one corner (where it's currently just bark dust). But that can always wait until later, really.

I also have website work that needs to get done. I've been ignoring it, now that we're on vaca, but I shouldn't, really. It's nothing major, but I haven't been in the mood to do the coding. I know you're all shocked to read that, but it's true! (grin)

Well, back to it! I'd like to get done so we can head to bed at a reasonable time. We've got tanning appointments for first thing tomorrow morning.

I wonder who all will drop by tomorrow? I can't wait to see!

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