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Halloween was really good -- in spite of our record cold weather locally.

Our 'trick or treaters' started out slowly -- and for awhile we were afraid we weren't going to get that many.

It's a very big deal in our family. We always considered Halloween a 'big deal' holiday -- years and years before it began to gain such popularity among adults nationwide. Our family used to be 'known' in the neighborhood, way back when MM's and my old sister Sue was a kid -- and she's ten years older than I am, for giving out 'big' candy bars when the other houses were giving out smaller ones.

Marilyn and I continue that 'tradition' by always giving out two pieces of candy, rather than just one. So now days we plan for around 100 kids -- which means we count out 200 pieces of various candies into two countainers prior to Halloween night.

It's actually pretty amazing that we end up getting kids at all, mainly because so few people on our immediate street actually 'do' halloween (hand out candy). But our new neighbors across the street did this year. (hooray) That made three houses in a row directly across from us -- and us on this side. (sigh) But we and the house across from us decorate and light up well -- so people can see that when they go out with cars to take their kids!

We ended up with a grand total of 84 kids this year, which considering the cold (and I mean cold) was really good, I think!

We even have a 'traditional' Halloween dinner we have every year. Hot dogs -- with or without buns, chili -- we used to always have Mom's 'famous' coney sauce -- and potatoe chips. With Halloween cookies and sometimes cupcakes, plus the essential cake (plain) donuts for dessert. (Always cake donuts!)

This year we also had black and orange colored tortilla chips (!) with a nacho cheese dip. It varys a little from year to year, such as toppings for the hot dogs and so on.

Our friend -- who is also Marilyn's and my co-worker -- Ligaya came, which has also become part of our tradition. She brings along her dogs (Jack Russell terriers) Jack and Jill -- who love to come to the house of their 'Aunties.' (Yes, that's us!)

And Sue was home this year -- no cribbage tourney -- so she was here, too.

We'd invited some others who didn't show, but that was okay. Somehow it's always festive anyway. (Maybe just having the dogs creates a party atmosphere.) We even let Sue have the TV on at 8:00 so she could watch "Survivor." (M. and I aren't in to it.)

Other than that it was just chatting and eating and ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the kids and their costumes.

Jack has to be held when the door is opened now. If he gets a chance he'll just bolt and head for the hills. He and Jill spend so much time at the vet's office from being 'turned in' as runaways that M. and I call it their second home. (grin)

But Jill would run over and greet every kid that came. And they all loved her, of course. One little girl cried because she 'wanted' Jill. We took Jill back over and let her pull off a glove so she could pet her. (smile) But she cried again when her Mommy made her leave. She just wanted to stay at our house!

Oh, and we always make hot spiced apple cider, too -- so the smell is everywhere. Very cozy, though most never drink it. And one boy asked if we were making apple pies! (smile)

Marilyn had taken her costume to work to change into for her office party. Last year she went as Britney Spears -- which was a huge hit there. (It's still talked about!) This year she had told them she'd be another musician -- but edgier. Everyone was immediately guessing Christina, of course -- and M. kept them thinking that by playing Christina's new CD in her office. (grin)

But she went as Eminem! She had the pale blue knit hat, with her hair hidden inside. It says 'Eminem' on it in dark blue. And she bought red workout pants with the white stripe -- and the white 'The Eminem Show' tee. Then I let her wear my gray jersey jacket with hood -- perfect -- and she wore some funky chain jewelry. It was ideal! (smile)

So that's what she had on at home for the night of handing out treats. (We almost always dress up for it.)

It was too bad that Leo and Johnny couldn't come by. And Joey was out partying, which was no surprise. (I actually assume Leo and Johnny did the same.) Can't blame them -- I imagine they had a blast at local hangouts...

Halloween is such a big deal in Portland.

I was surprised to hear Debra debrajoy tell of Halloween where she was. Nothing was happening there. I wonder if it's true all around her state, or what?

We live close by these two houses that go all out! (Easy walking distance from us.) They have tons of scary things in their yard and all over their house! A giant (and I mean huge) lit up purple spider crawling up the side of the house. A big lit up balloon-like thing of ghosts on the roof that moves enough to look real!

They've got so much I'd never even remember it all if I tried to list it. A 'wishing well' made up of skulls. The wolfman and his 'bride' marrying on the front lawn. A bench with a headless man and a headless child. A full-sized coffin with a mummy inside. Ghosts and ghouls and a huge pumpkin used as the body of a big spider. At night they add dry ice for fog and it's very creepy and impressive. Every year they add more and more. They start up days in advance.

But many, many houses around us (and around town) decorate -- some very elaborately.

MM and I never did end up going to one of the incredible corn mazes down on Sauvie Island this year. They'll do them so that from the sky they make an image. Very clever! And easy to get lost in... Last year we went three times -- once to the most famous of these, once to the 'new' one and again in the dark to the first one.

That was an experience, let me tell you! We barely had flashlights (one was dying) for a large group of over ten of us. It was really, really muddy. (Unlike this year, there had been a lot of rain.) And they have people all through it to jump out and scare you! (Suddenly you'll notice the 'wall' of the maze is walking! Very creepy effect.)

But M. and I did go to a haunted house in Linton. (A tiny little community on the highway.) It was a one night thing -- a fund raiser/Halloween event for a local school. They'd done a great job with haunting the Community Center! Amazing. And they only charged a buck and a half to get in! (They had a whole big gym full of other activities, too, including a cake walk -- which took me back to when we were kids.)

Got all the Halloween decos around our house down yesterday. (One of M.'s and my things is a strong dislike of people who leave decorations up for weeks after a holiday.) What's that about? When it's over it's over. Take it down!

Well, might have to have a leftover (and yummy) hotdog -- and more chili. (smile)

Belated Happy Halloween to all!

OH! Yes, I'm loving Nick's new CD -- even more than I expected to. I'll save that for next post, as I'd like to just focus on how much. But I will say that he has an amazing voice. Just beautiful. It's wonderful to see it shown off so well on so many songs.

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