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LiveJournal 'Emergency' Maintenance?


So there's no 'official' word anywhere that I can see as to what the emergency was about... And why is that, exactly?

If you go to LiveJournal Status right now, you still get this message:
LiveJournal is unavailable as we perform some emergency maintenance. Our Operations staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

4:41 pm GMT (Tuesday, July 1)

Clearly things have been 'fixed' (hopefully!), or we wouldn't have access now. Right? But when I read you can't access a site because of emergency maintenance, I find that pretty disturbing.

Don't you?

What gives, LJ?

I'd planned to post this morning, but now we're leaving the house, so I can't. I'll try and post later. The 'emergency' got in the way of doing anything (obviously).

Tags: 2008, july-2008, livejournal, livejournal-problems, livejournal-status

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