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Total Recorder Rocks.

If you've never tried it, I'm pretty crazy about the application Total Recorder.

I've used it in a number of ways (especially for work), but today I tried something different -- I used it to 'record' a song for my iPod. Very cool. (smile) It worked like a charm, believe it or not.

So, where did I find the music in the first place to record this way? I went to YouTube and searched on the song. And don't get me wrong here. Generally I just use my actual music CDs, or I buy something from the iTunes store. But I thought I'd give this a try, just to see how it worked.

Here's the interesting part: I was able to download the album cover for this song (the way you can with music CDs you add to your library. Weird, huh? I hadn't expected that...

Speaking of my iPod, I took our four Americana-themed CDs and loaded them into the iTunes library, then put these on my iPod. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I wanted to have them available to play as we approach the Fourth of July (or Independence Day, if you prefer).

I also got out some of our holiday decos, and started putting them up!

The flowers Tom sent Marilyn at work were also Fourth of July themed, so we're excited to bring them home! He ended up giving her two bouquests -- I'll have to explain that at some point (it's a very cute story).

Speaking of Tom, he came by today and I had a wonderful visit with him. We sat for ages in the swing on the deck talking. I love talking with Tom, I have to admit...

So, do you like my new animated icon? I already have my 'You Rock' icon, but wanted one that I could use for 'rock' or 'rocks' (etc.). It was fun to make, anyway!

I really (really, really) need some new icons! So hopefully I'll make some more very soon.

Well, it's going on 1 a.m., so I suppose it's time for bed.

We're entering our eNewsletter in the Pinnacles this year. I picked out the ones I wanted to use. We need to submit 'three consecutive issues in print format.' The only thing that sucks is that eNewsletters aren't really effective in PRINTED format. Mine include animated images, for example. And I lay them out in such way that the decorative images and logos should display blended in to their backgrounds (using transparent gifs). These elements really don't work in print form. But I suppose the same will be true for everyone else entering their eNewsletters...

The 'Judging Criteria' for these is:
Clarity of message, design and layout, creativity or uniqueness, organization, usability and overall appeal.

I've received a lot of positive comments about my work with our eNewsletters since I took over doing them, but I'm sure that doesn't mean all that much in this case. Well, we'll see what happens, I guess...

(We decided against entering the website, considering the tons (and tons and tons) of sponsor logos that are scattered all over -- something we hope to change in the future.)

Well, bedtime!

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