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I woke up after several hours of sleep with a headache. I laid there for some time telling myself to 'get up' -- it's my garbage and recycling night, so I needed to get going with it.

So far I've done the cat boxes. All the rest is in front of me, waiting to be done. (sigh)

Today was Movie Day for the Staff at work. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I missed it. I hope everyone else had a good time! Most people were going to see "Get Smart!" (which I really wanted to see).

Tom phoned a couple of times today to check up on us. He hadn't heard from Marilyn since last week, so he was worried. I told him she hadn't been to work, and hadn't even logged on via Remote Access, so that was why.

That has to be some kind of RECORD for her in 2008, considering she was either at work -- or logged in to work -- constantly all year long...

I think Tom plans to send Marilyn flowers (or something, anyway) at work tomorrow. He's been concerned about her lately. And he's supposed to come by the house tomorrow to see me (and hopefully bring chips). What a sweet guy. (I had a nice half hour talk with him today.)

I'm trying to motivate myself to go and clean out old food in the fridge. (sigh) It's not working so far, but I really (really) need to do it.

It's hot in the office right now and I'm sweating. (ugh) But I can't bring myself to complain about the heat, really. It's so great that summer is finally here, after all.

Friend (and neighbor) June is missing me like mad, but I still haven't had the chance to visit her. Maybe soon, I hope!

I'm stalling on the garbage and recycling, so I need to get back to it. (sigh)

Tomorrow I need to try and tackle some festival work. There's a pile waiting for me right now. I suppose I should go in to the office on Friday, as I have some stuff I need to do there. Plus it's the last day for a bunch of people. I'm going to miss this Team a ton, I have to admit! It's a good group of people...

Well, back to work, like it or not. Why are my hands hurting like this? And my damn heel is killing me today. For heaven's sake! (whine)

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