CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

LiveJournal and CSS -- Revisited

Friend Evamaria shirasade commented to mention:
Your css doesn't show up on people's flists - I had to go to your journal to see it. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

I knew that would be true of, say, the 'brown links' I mentioned -- which are layout-specific. So obviously others wouldn't see them unless they viewed my layout.

But this makes perfect sense for any/all CSS I've put into the customize area -- which is for my own layout! (duh)

In other words, if I want my CSS to display for everyone, then I'd need to continue to code it inline (inside my HTML tags). Otherwise it would only show when viewing my journal in my layout.

So, it makes sense that:
<div class="caption">This would only work for me.</div>

This would only work for me.

But because of inline coding:
<div style="background-color:silver;color:black;font-size:80%;">This should work for everyone.</div>

This should work for everyone.

Seeing as I can certainly code inline easily enough (I practically code in my sleep now), it's no big deal to me. Obviously it's much easier (and quicker) for most people to use embedded style sheets, rather than inline code, but whatever!

I still adore CSS! I love what you can do with it. It beats the hell out of simply using <b> and <i> to change up how text displays.

icon - gack me!And I love using floats for displaying images. (For the record, you can still use the 'align' command in HTML to place a photo to the left or right with text wrapping to it. But I've gotten in the habit now of using floats and padding, so...)

(And using 'clear' to clear the float, too, of course. Which can be done inside a divide, but not in a span. Don't get me started on why, though... heh...)

Finally, I still think it sucks that we can't embed CSS for our Profile pages, by the way. But that's an entirely different can of worms... (grin)
Tags: 2008, css, june-2008

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