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Brag. Ignore Me!

This will be a small brag. Feel free to ignore it. LOL.

While working on my script this year, I felt I was sort of 'neglecting' some of my moderation duties...

(I moderate several Yahoo lists and a number of LiveJournal and GreatestJournal communities.)

But I just took a look at the tutorials alone that I did during that time and I'm feeling pretty damned proud of myself right now!

I did three tutorials (one very, very detailed one) for psp7_beginners and two for psp8_fun.

I also posted four tutorials over at GJ.

And added all of these to the various community memories sections.

And I've been regularly answering quite a few community questions, too!

Terrible to brag, I know. But I've been able to do more than I even realized, even while on major deadline! Woo hoo. (I sure never managed it in past years while doing the script! LOL.)


Now I'd seriously better do my hair...


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